Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hey everyone! I'm glad to be home, but I also have to admit that my 'roughing it' experience wasn't all that bad! My brother's ranch is a very pretty, ugly place...if you know what I mean. It's pretty rought terrain, but there's a simple Texas beauty that makes it pretty all the same. The only downfall of the time in Dryden was the weather. When we got there Friday, it was windy with a big chill in it, but bearable with a coat & some gloves. My sister & I went on a nice 6 mile (or so) hike down to where the Rio Grande is in the back of his property. The water was surprisingly pretty...a nice bluish-greenish hue. Much different that what I was expecting...which was a more poopy-brown kind of hue. I guess that's what I get for assuming, huh?! We saw a beautiful sunset that evening and then it turned COLD!!! We only had one little propane heater working it's little heart out in the corner of the great room of a 7 bedroom, 1 bathroom ranch house. Hence, we remained bundled in our layered gear all day, everyday. Saturday proved to be a rather gloomy day, but we did get to spend some quality family huddling time at the pit fire the bro's built while it sleeted on us. Body heat does wonders my friends! :) It remained dark outside & proceeded to sleet on us for about 8 hours straight that night, mixed in with a bit of rain & a couple *snowflakes*. Still....COLD!! I slept like a baby though, perfectly situated on a comfy couch that was conveniently located right by the heater. I'm a genius, I know! All snug in my comforter & pillows, I was! After countless games of BS, rummy, speed, & 'go fish' with the family, we finally rolled upon Sunday. We hung around to eat breakfast with everyone and headed back home around noon. Needless to say, I really enjoyed myself & I hope to be able to take Chad with me sometime! It was an interesting venture with the Robertson crew, as it always is! And I only had to pee outside TWICE! Now, that's a successful ranch trip if you ask me! haha. :) I missed you guys while I was gone...but it looks like I'll be around for a while now that Christmas season at the Shipping Point has officially kicked off with chaos! (sigh)...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Prep Time...

Well, because I felt so bad last week for not informing you that I was going to be gone for a couple of days of potential blogging time, I thought I would warn you to expect a deflux of blog entries for the rest of the weekend. I am headed down to Dryden, TX...a little place located on the Mexico border about halfway up the squiggly side of Texas, haha. I'm sure you know EXACTLY where I'm talking about after that description...but I digress. I will be gone until Sunday evening. I will attempt an entry that night assuming we don't get in too late and I'm in the appropriate blogger spirits. It should be an interesting venture being that about 11 of my family members are staying out in the middle of nowhere on a large piece of rough terrain in a small ranch style house that runs its energy on gasoline, it's stove by propane. and has an outhouse for a toilet. Oh yea, and all of the electricity comes from a generator that at any time, may decide to go out...a.k.a. DIE! It's forecasted to have very low, as in potentially freezing, weather conditions so there's a good chance I may turn into a human popcicle (hopefully cherry flavored). So, assuming I survive this thing, I hope to have many a story to tell upon my return. Wish me luck while I'm 'roughin' it! :0) And I bid you a-do until then!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Truth Hurts...

Who really knows what it's like to 'serve' in the military? The men with the gear, those who are brave enough to sign up, and those who have chosen to love those guys who wear the gear and that signed themselves up. I am one of those lovers.

As tomorrow approaches (that would be Thanksgiving day for any of you who might be on a different planet), I can't help but think about how much Chad would love to be here to share dinner with my family. A feast, truly fit for an army (or an air force...well, it just doesn't make sense really, but I tried:)). I accidentally brought up that my mother had already started cooking for tomorrow and that the house smelled like pumpkin pie. Whoops. Nothing like talking to someone who already wishes they were home, about the wonderful things of being home. He even said..."I don't want to talk about how jealous I am of you right now". This statement made me realize how silly of me it was to even bring the Thanksgiving feast subject up. As if he doesn't already know what he's missing out on. He's going to munch upon a semi-feast of a meal that can't even compare to what we're going to be feasting on. And this is only the 2nd of the 5 holidays he's going to miss while he's gone. He did say though, "just because I'm not here to celebrate doesn't mean the holiday doesn't exist". This made me feel a little better because I know he is happy I am here to spend these times with my family. He would rather me stuff my belly full & spend quality time with my family than anything else in the world on Thanksgiving (except maybe coming home of course). That's why he is my prince.

You know the saying "the truth hurts"...well in this deployment situation, that cliche of a statement couldn't be more accurate. The truth is that our husbands are halfway around the world, missing opportunities for quality family time, & putting their lives at risk day after day. We, on the other hand, are stuck here to hope they call before they take off, and more importantly, to call after they have landed safely. This distance has taken over my ears for his ringtone, my mind for the 'little things', and my heart for the loneliness. It's enough to drive someone nuts. It was absolutely worth me signing onto the military though. I'm proud of what he does. And I'm proud we have the character as a couple to make it through these tough times...

Apologies, Apologies...

I am so sorry for the previously unannounced absence from my blog. I found myself very busy during my trek to Lubbock. I went there to visit my bestest friend Nicole for almost a week & just couldn't get into the blogger spirit...therefore, to my dedicated blog-reading friends, I apologize. During my fantastic voyage, Nicole & I had a lot of fun. Thursday, we went out to Wild West, a local hopping college joint, for a little booty-shakin' & mingling. Friday, we slept in & went shopping at the glorious Lubbock mall, then proceeded to eat dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse called Shoguns. It was delicious. We spent the remainder of the evening playing 42...for those who don't know what that is, it's an old-person's domino game...lots of fun! Saturday was game day. Tech versus Oklahoma University. The outcome was completely a shocker! Tech ended up giving them a pretty good beating which was contrary to the ideas many had in their heads of how that game was going to turn out. So, we tailgated and hung out with some people & attempted grabbing a bite to eat after the game. Turns out that was the stupidest idea of the evening. Sonic, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Whataburger (ya know, all the heart attack causers) were all SO PACKED, we finally landed at Wal-Mart...and I got donuts. What a fat kid, I know! But they were GOOOOD! :). So, then Sunday I helped her family take their annual Christmas photo, ate at Applebee's with everyone, took a 4 hour nap...yes, that was a 4, woke up and helped Nicole & her roommate Amy decorate their house with Christmas stuff. From the tree to a nativity scene, we had fun. Hot cocoa & the Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra Christmas cd helped to set the mood. We also spent the rest of the night watching The Santa Claus & The Santa Claus 2. Cute movies. Monday, was pretty uneventful. Another trip to the mall, a new pair of really warm & comfy house shoes, dinner at Johnny Carino's with her brothers, & a magnificent trip to the local drive-in theatre pretty much made up our day. We saw Fred Claus (cute movie with Vince Vaughn) all cuddled up in our sweats, blankets, & pillows. It was fun! Then, we began to pack & prep for Tuesday...the day we came home. So, now, I am in prep mode for a huge Thanksgiving feast tomorrow & am super excited about it! I love me some of mama's dressing! :) I look forward to typing you again tomorrow, about 4 pounds heavier...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Even as we Exhale, Others are Inhaling...

I like to watch the show "LIFE" on Wednesday nights...It's a great story about a man who was framed for the murder of an entire family, wrongfully thrown in prison for 12 years, later found not guilty, released, given his old detective job back, got assigned a new partner, & was compensated with $38 million. It's funny because his philosophy on life is completely different than it was before he was inprisoned, rightfully so. But, my favorite part is how he speaks, solves his cases, & lives his life based on cliches (which my title is one of them he listens to on tape). He's really clever and his newly gained knowledge of "the common prisoner" has helped him to be more observant towards the criminals in his cases than any of the nonprisoned detectives could ever be.

It's fun to see him look through a different glass of life. Makes you kind of wonder what it would be like to change your own philosophy of life & to see it through someone else's eyes. We take so many things for granted on a daily basis & often forget about what should be most important to us or disregard many things that have just come to be expected. For example, one of Detective Crews' new necessities of a happy life is sunlight, for good reason (ex: being in a dark cell for 12 years). But, he enjoys the sun, smiles when he's outside, and doesn't cover any of his windows to shut it out. He is also always eating fresh fruit while he's at work. I'm not one to like any fruit except maybe some grapes here and there, and on a good day maybe an apple or two in my tuna. But that's besides the point...the point is, we live lives of non-imprisonment everyday and enjoy many freedoms and daily beauties that we often overlook. So, my challenge to you is, find those things that are taken for granted, and eat them up! :0)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Heroes To Save the World...

Our party this weekend was awesome! I just love it when everyone goes all out to participate & have fun...especially when it's a theme party. We had it at my brother and sister-in-law's house, fully decorated with a hanging Batman sign that you could stick your head through & take pictures with (like at the theme parks), a Batman cake that freakin' rocked, and a Superman pinata, that truly did have super powers. That thing took a beating, and still took forever to break. But when it did, candy went a-flyin'...all the way into the spinach dip sitting on a nearby table. Don't worry, it was only a Banana Laffy Taffy, which even a candy finatic such as I was okay with bidding farewell to. I just never liked bananas or anything flavored as such (except my amazing banana bread, weird I know...)

Anyways, the costumes included Batman, Catwoman, Batwoman (?), the Riddler, the Incredible's Stretchy mom, a Power Puff girl, Clark Kent, Poison Ivy, Guitar Hero (haha), a little kid hero, & myself, the great Michelangelo...professional & mutant Ninja Turtle. I wish my hubby of a hero could have been here to have fun with us! I asked him what he would have been and he said..."Spiderman...& I would walk around throwing a net on everybody all night", haha. He's so cute! Well, another year to go by before our next Adam birthday bash! Until then, I must hide my turtlish identity...see you in the sewers...

Old LadyVille...

Well, I've officially welcomed myself into what I would like to refer to as "Old LadyVille", because now that I'm carrying my weight at the ole' Shipping Point again, I've been pretty worn out! I forgot how much energy and rest it took to stand & lift boxes and what nots all day long! So, I'm in Old LadyVille because I can't stay up much past midnight or else I don't get enough sleep & I'm drained all the next day. It sucks! I don't have near the pizazz I used to, when I was a "youngin'"! haha. Who knows, at this rate, I may be strutting along with a walker next year...lol. Well, we hope not!

I have to save the wonderful Super Hero party discussion for tomorrow because like I said...I need to go to bed. I must soon start my 3-step "getting ready for bed" process, consisting of a nice face wash, removal of the contacts, and a nice teeth scrubbing...it's a ritual :). So, I bid you farewell & a good night. Talk again tomorrow! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I'm actually at a loss of words tonight...I just can't think of anything any of you would be interested in hearing about. The thoughts that usually cross my mind are almost always involving Chad...& I don't want ya'll to get tired of my talking about him in every blog...so I have decided to give that one a rest for a couple blogs, or for however long i can actually accomplish that feat, haha.

Looks like I have some more work at the Shipping Point to look forward to these next couple of days, and a splen-didly-duper Super Hero themed birthday party on Saturday night for my 26 year old brother. We are such children! I've dressed up more in the past couple years that I think I have in all of my Halloweens combined! haha. It's a blast though. I'm not going to reveal what I will be going as because you must know that if I did tell you, I would probably have to kill you (haha)...and nobody wants that! :) Anyways, that's all for tonight. You may patiently await some photos in the next couple of days! Farewell for now! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Back Into the Working World

Today & yesterday have been the first two days that I have "worked" since the very end of May. It's pretty crazy being off of work for a period of time like that. Over this period I have learned that being a 'housewife' isn't for me...that is, UNTIL I have children to tend to. There is really only so much house cleaning/straightening, dishes, laundry, t.v. watching, & couch potatoeing that a woman can do before ants get in her pants and make her wanna do something a lil more productive with her time. I am obviously a person who can only feel 'worthless' (in the sense that I am not contributing monetarily to our family) for so long. Then, it becomes time to contribute. You can imagine Chad is happy about this (haha). I have a lot of things I'm capable of doing, I just haven't quite figured out which one of them I would like to pursue. Also, this deployment has made it hard for me to try and focus on getting a job in NC yet, so it looks like that will be one of our first ventures to pursue as soon as Chad gets back in February. But, back to being at work again...it's kind of weird in the way that it is the same place I worked for all four years of my college career, and now I am back there, six months after I graduated and moved on. Talk about taking a couple steps into reverse! It almost feels sometimes like I never left...when really, a LOT has gone on in the past six months. I finished my last semester of college, I graduated, I moved to North Carolina, I got married, I went on my honeymoon, got back to NC and now I'm back in TX where I was when this all started. CRAZY! I can't say I completely ENJOY being back at work, but I do feel better about my ability to contribute to the "me & Chad" fund. It's worth it, I just have to stick it out for a while.

I'm so...emotionally distraught...

I don't know what it is, but sometimes these really strong feelings come over me & I just can't help but let them out. These feelings are of a loneliness I have never felt. It's the craziest thing because no matter how much I know he loves me, and no matter how many times I talk to him on the phone a day, I just can't help but miss him in a crazy & overwhelming way. I came to Texas so I would be surrounded by my friends and family & so I wouldn't have to worry about ever being lonely while he was gone. We thought this would be the "solution" to making this deployment easier, & don't get me wrong, I love spending time my family & would never want to be left in NC by myself, but there is just a weird void that none of them could ever fill. This void is the one that only a husband can fill. Sometimes I just need to feel his hugs & maybe I need a kiss on my forehead every once in a while. But the bottom line is, he is really a huge part of who I am and who I want to be now. No amount of friends or family can take his place, not even for just a couple months. I just genuinely miss him being around every day. This has been a lot harder on both of us than I think either of us imagined it would be. We're staying strong and keeping our spirits up, but sometimes I just have to let it out. I love my family and every minute I spend with each person in it. I wouldn't trade this time that I'm spending with them for anything in the world...except maybe for my baby to come home and spend it with me. That's all I hope for...and in a few "short" months, that dream will come to life...I just have to be patient.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Prepare Yourself for a Hillbilly Feast...

Wow...my family is hilarious!! We not only had a party, but we went allllll out!! My dad's birthday party was a hit...no, probably MORE than a hit...it was a blast! For one, everybody came in town for it which made it super-special to dad, and for two, we had a great time making fun of each other's outfits all night! I bet our contributions to Goodwill & the CIA were enough to provide them with heat through the winter. The outfits were hilarious & very creative. I always thought my family was a little on the trashy side, but man did our true colors ring on Saturday! Whew! That's embarrassing, haha. But I would take an embarrassing family who enjoys life and loves to make the best of it with their relatives over anything else in the world, any day. My family is the most important thing to me in my life. They have helped mold me into the person I am today & I am proud to call each one of them my best friends. Someday, Chad & I plan to start a family of our own & I can't wait til we get to spend birthdays & holidays with our children like we're still celebrating my father's birthday right now. It's gonna be awesome! Well, I'm attaching our family photo from the party so you can take a gander at the ridiculousness yourself. We had characters from the barefooted pregnant smoking woman with a baby on her hip, to "cousin Eddie" from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation & his Winnebago...seriously, 8 of our guests arrived in a camper...you can't get much better than that! It was an awesome time...now we just have to figure out how we can top it next year! Happy 66th Birthday Pops! :0)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Family Fun Night!

So, I already missed a day on my postings, but you'll forgive me, right!? haha. More like, you should probably get used to it! :) Well, this is what went on last night. My brother Randy & sister-in-law Rachel came in town with their little boy Ethan last night. It's my father's birthday tomorrow (the 4th) so everyone is coming in to party with us. We're not just throwing any regular, old party tonight though...we are having a Hillbilly Themed 66th Birthday Party for my Pops...it's gonna be awesome! I, myself, am planning on going as a hillbilly princess, with a sash and tiara and everything! My sister is going as a pregnant trashy woman and my brother, God help him, just can't help but have on a mullet. He loves those things! haha. I'm slightly afraid for his future children...want to or not, he is going to make them rock the mullet...I can see it now. His wife, KK, is then going to get out her professional shears while they are sleeping and CHOP them off, haha. It should definitely be a sight to see! But anyways, we are currently in preparation mode for the party cuz, oh yea, I forgot to mention...it's a SURPRISE!!! woo-hoo, surprises are fun! I'm excited to see how everyone dresses...and then we'll play Bunko, which is a great game for big kids like us! I guess that's all for now. I'll come prepped with pictures next time!

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth...:0)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

My Halloween night this year was looking pretty grim, mostly due to the fact that it fell on a Wednesday. I didn't have a costume prepared or anything...pretty lame, I know. It's just, the holidays (yes, I'm considering Halloween a holiday) are kinda lonely and not as fun without Chad around. This is the 2nd year in a row that we have missed spending the holiday season (which of course is our favorite time of year) together because of deployments. Therefore, I was considering staying home and watching a movie, maybe serving candy to any little critters that just happened to fall upon our front porch step...but I didn't do either of those. Instead, I gathered up my grungiest (is that a word?) gear and posed as a hillbilly. Although... I have to be true to myself (and you) and admit that being a hillbilly isn't really that much of a stretch for me & my family (we're pretty close to white trash, if you know what I mean) :). I then headed over to my sister's house to help out with their 2nd annual Haunted House. It just so happened that she had an extra "Jason" mask lying around, and my hillbilly outfit kinda matched...so, a wan-a-be Jason I was.

With a perfect hiding spot in front of the black light & fog machine, I accomplished scaring the living crap out of quite a few children. They would round my corner and I would "RAAARRRGHHHHH" in their faces with my glowing mask & a lot of intensity. I was pretty scary, I'm not gonna lie. haha. We had about 60 people come through our Haunted House, which I think is a pretty good number, considering some were too scared to tempt their fate and just opted out for candy instead...Pansies :). Anyways, I was glad that I decided to participate, although my voice today feels otherwise. It was a good Halloween & we had some great laughs (plus, I got to eat some candy & that always makes things better :)!hehehe)