Saturday, November 3, 2007

Family Fun Night!

So, I already missed a day on my postings, but you'll forgive me, right!? haha. More like, you should probably get used to it! :) Well, this is what went on last night. My brother Randy & sister-in-law Rachel came in town with their little boy Ethan last night. It's my father's birthday tomorrow (the 4th) so everyone is coming in to party with us. We're not just throwing any regular, old party tonight though...we are having a Hillbilly Themed 66th Birthday Party for my's gonna be awesome! I, myself, am planning on going as a hillbilly princess, with a sash and tiara and everything! My sister is going as a pregnant trashy woman and my brother, God help him, just can't help but have on a mullet. He loves those things! haha. I'm slightly afraid for his future children...want to or not, he is going to make them rock the mullet...I can see it now. His wife, KK, is then going to get out her professional shears while they are sleeping and CHOP them off, haha. It should definitely be a sight to see! But anyways, we are currently in preparation mode for the party cuz, oh yea, I forgot to's a SURPRISE!!! woo-hoo, surprises are fun! I'm excited to see how everyone dresses...and then we'll play Bunko, which is a great game for big kids like us! I guess that's all for now. I'll come prepped with pictures next time!

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth...:0)

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