Thursday, November 15, 2007

Even as we Exhale, Others are Inhaling...

I like to watch the show "LIFE" on Wednesday nights...It's a great story about a man who was framed for the murder of an entire family, wrongfully thrown in prison for 12 years, later found not guilty, released, given his old detective job back, got assigned a new partner, & was compensated with $38 million. It's funny because his philosophy on life is completely different than it was before he was inprisoned, rightfully so. But, my favorite part is how he speaks, solves his cases, & lives his life based on cliches (which my title is one of them he listens to on tape). He's really clever and his newly gained knowledge of "the common prisoner" has helped him to be more observant towards the criminals in his cases than any of the nonprisoned detectives could ever be.

It's fun to see him look through a different glass of life. Makes you kind of wonder what it would be like to change your own philosophy of life & to see it through someone else's eyes. We take so many things for granted on a daily basis & often forget about what should be most important to us or disregard many things that have just come to be expected. For example, one of Detective Crews' new necessities of a happy life is sunlight, for good reason (ex: being in a dark cell for 12 years). But, he enjoys the sun, smiles when he's outside, and doesn't cover any of his windows to shut it out. He is also always eating fresh fruit while he's at work. I'm not one to like any fruit except maybe some grapes here and there, and on a good day maybe an apple or two in my tuna. But that's besides the point...the point is, we live lives of non-imprisonment everyday and enjoy many freedoms and daily beauties that we often overlook. So, my challenge to you is, find those things that are taken for granted, and eat them up! :0)