Monday, July 20, 2009

Germany Bound...

I'm off to see my hubby, the wonderful hubby I love... (said to the tune of the "Wizard of Oz") :)

I leave tomorrow morning to hit the road to Dallas where I will take off and arrive in Germany shortly thereafter. As you can imagine, Chad & I are sooooooo excited to see each other....not to mention BE IN GERMANY together...and for our 2nd anniversary too!!! This is my first trip abroad, so I know there is plenty there waiting for me to see & experience!

This deployment has been so much different than the previous 3. I would have never imagined ever getting to go visit him while he was mid-deployment. It's awesome the treasures God sets out for us. Please pray for my safe & comfortable travel. It will be so great to have my hubs in my arms again! Plus, he finally gets to rub a real baby belly! :) He is so excited he can barely contain himself. :)

I will be back to catch you up on all of the fabulous travel details in about 2 weeks (or a little less). Happy end of July to all of you! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Phi Lamb Stroll...

I thought I would add to Shaunna's collection of fun and old pictures of our Phi Lamb group of 2004 & 2005. I had so much fun with you girls! Here are the pics to prove it! :)

Rush & Initiation 2004...I think.

The Officers in their spiffy black & white
Fall Retreat in Buffalo Gap, Texas

The coolest shoulder rub line ever...
Silly girls...those go UNDER your clothes... :)

Me & Cass at Cheddar's
Phi Lamb Stomp 2005
Homecoming 2005

Howard House Halloween Party 2005

Christmas Party @ Vanna Almond's house 2005

Well, that was fun! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home again, home again...

Whew! What a weekend! My family from Alaska is still here so we have been keeping VERY busy! This past Saturday was my sister's 30th birthday party in which we thought it would be fun to make it another theme party....this time we went 80's style! We love the 80's...the music, the ridiculous outfits, the memories, & you can't forget the horrible hair-do's! Thank God for the straightening iron! haha. Anyways, we had a little pre-party dinner & dessert while we got ready for the karaoke shin-dig at Woofers & Tweeters. It's a fun little karaoke bar and we absolutely stole the show that night! If it wasn't our ridiculous outfits & hair-do's that brought the attention, it was our magnificent singing skills! Ha! It was a lot of fun! And Happy Belated Birthday again to you Sissy!
The next morning at the butt crack of dawn (a.k.a. 5:00am) we got up to get on the road for a day at Schlitterbahn! After VERY LITTLE sleep and with 3 cars in a convoy we made it to the park & had a great time in the sun that day. Amazingly enough there were no horrible sunburns and we somehow mustered up enough energy to still have a good time. Schlitterbahn is just so much fun! We have gone almost every year since I was about 5 years old. Pretty crazy! That night, we went to dinner at Mamacita's and the food was DELICIOUS! Needless to say, after 3 hours of sleep, 4 hours in the car, a full day at the park, & a belly-filling dinner, we all hit the sack at about 10 o'clock that night and slept for a good 11 hours. It was a beautiful & much-needed sleep.

The next morning, we got up and ate breakfast at Ihop next door to our hotel. Then, we headed down to the toob place and floated the Comal River. The water was crystal clear, perfectly cold, & the sun was shining. Minus a couple mishaps on the water and a scary incident with my 77-year-old grandma almost drowning (in which this 21 week along pregnant woman (ME) was luckily nearby to save her); it was a great day. I said a lot of prayers after that incident and everyone was just fine. I have to admit that was one of the scariest moments of my life though. That night, we went to dinner at the Grist Mill in Gruene & ate ourselves to misery. It was SOOO good. We then finished out the evening listening to a really good band play at Gruene Hall. It was a 5 piece band who all ranged in age from 15-21 or so & they could ROCK! We danced a bit and enjoyed the tunes & even the little lady in my belly got to dancing herself! Haha. I've been feeling her move around like crazy this past week! It's so neat!
Then, yesterday we woke up and headed to the amazing San Marcos Tanger & Prime Outlets. It had been a couple years since I was there so I didn't even know they had added on another whole up-scale wing to the group! With stores like Gucci, Dooney & Bourke, Neiman-Marcus, & Pottery was awesome! We got a few things and ate a good bbq lunch there & eventually headed home yesterday evening.

It was such a draining, but amazingly fun weekend! Summers in Texas are definitely the best! :)
And due to popular demand, I am FINALLY posting a picture of my little baby's definitely growing by the week! This was this morning, so you can't get much more recent than that! :) Me at 21 weeks...

That's all for now, folks!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's a .....

We are so happy and excited to announce that our little baby on the way is a GIRL! The sonogram went so well today and my mom and I got to see her swimming, hitting, and kicking for almost a full 30 minutes. It was the best show I've even seen on a television screen! Haha. She is normal size weighing in at 9 ounces and has all of her parts so everything is looking happy and healthy thus far! We got a couple pictures so I have posted the link to them for you to see if you haven't already:

We are so glad that we can start saying 'she' and that we finally know that doing so is accurate. We are working on finalizing a name for her & so far it is going to be Kenady for the first name. I have yet to put a middle name to it just yet. But, all of you ladies out there know that there are a good 3 months still ahead of us so even Kenady is absolutely subject to change. Ha. I am open to middle name suggestions if you have any. Just fill in the blank: Kenady ____ Sellers

Everyone has been so happy and excited to hear it is a girl; not that it would have been any other way had it been a boy, but ya know. It's really fun to hear everyone's excitement. I can see it now...she's gonna have her daddy wrapped right around his finger the day she enters this world. It's going to be amazing and wonderful to watch.

We feel so blessed to hear good news, to see her pretty face, and to know that things are on the right track developmentally. Please continue (or begin) praying for the remainder of this pregnancy and for the continued healthy development of our little blessing. I can't wait until she's here to hold and love even more.

Thursday, July 2, 2009 much to post!

Sorry I have been absent, but I've been a busy girl!

I'll go ahead and start with the awesomeness of two weekends ago with the Robertson clan. We got to Lake LBJ on Thursday afternoon, spent the warmest part of the day playing in the water down on our 'sandy beach', ate a homemade lasagna for dinner (yummy) while Cars played in the background on the flat screen, & enjoyed the washer pits and porch for the rest of the evening. The house we stayed in had been recently renovated and had all new tile throughout with marble countertops, & super-soft bedding. It wasn't what I was expecting from the pictures I had seen, but was a great surprise to have when we got there!

Friday rolled around and we had a huge breakfast with omelettes, fruit, biscuits & gravy...& it was delicious. We again spent the majority of the day outside in the water playing with the kiddos. All 18 of us had showed up by this time so the house was happy and full. Dinner that night was fajitas and they were scrumptious! I was definitely a fat kid that night! :)

Saturday came about and the only thing we did differently was shoot off some fireworks that night. We knew the sprinkler system was going to turn on near 10:30 or 11:00 and we started doing the fireworks about 10:15 and were all spread out on chairs in the lawn....some would think that we would have hurried through it just in case 10:30 really was the case, but no. We got wet instead :). It was funny to hear the hissing sound of the sprinklers come on and then to watch everyone get up really fast and book it to the deck, lol. It was funny. The fireworks were really pretty & the kids got to play with some humongous sparklers. It was fun to watch them.

Unfortunately, Sunday came too quickly and we all said our goodbyes and left already excited about next year. It was a really good weekend and a lot of real, quality time was shared with the family. I can't wait for what we will come up with next year! :)

Oh yeah, my oldest brother Rodney and his wife Barbara took it upon themselves to get t-shirts made to represent the weekend. We thought that was pretty cool of them. We took a lot of pictures in them so here is one to share with you.

This past weekend I returned to Lake LBJ with Nicole & Kyla's for their annual family reunion. It was a good time. We rode in the pontoon boats, they wakeboarded behind the ski boat, we hung out with the peeps, and swam our little hearts out. I love being on the water.

In the meantime of all of this lake-fun, I've been working and trying to organize all of our baby registry stuff. It's kind of tough when you don't know the sex yet, but I figured I could scan anything and everything that isn't gender-specific right now, and then go back to scan the rest next Wednesday when we find out. Oh yeah, by the way...that's only 3 days from now!! Woo-hoo! :) Chad & I (and of course, the rest of our family and friends) are so excited!!

My Alaskan aunt Becky & two girl cousins Amanda & Ashley are coming into town on Tuesday this week! I am sooooo excited for them to be here. They will get to stay for 2 full weeks & we have all kinds of fun activities planned for while they're here. This coming weekend is my sister's 80's-style 30th birthday karaoke party, followed the next day by a trip to Schlitterbahn on Sunday, floating the Comal River in New Braunfels on Monday (with dinner at the Grist Mill & music at Gruene Hall...yay!), and then a shopping trip to the outlets in San Marcos on Tuesday before we hit the road on back home. It's going to be an awesome week!!! I will definitely try my best to keep you all posted on the goings-on as best I can!