Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Day w/Hubs

It's funny how we find enjoyment is the small, everyday things. We woke up this morning and hit up the Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. They do a weekly 'free breakfast item' on Wednesdays and this morning's was free chicken biscuits...MY FAVORITE! It's awesome. I think every Fil-A should do this!

We then made our way to the mall to check out a 'ring setting event' that a woman had told us about. Since we have been looking for a setting for the Tanzanite, we thought we should give it a good shake. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything worth getting. Oh well, we shall keep looking!

We walked around the mall for a little while longer and ended up in American Eagle. Chad bought himself a nice sweater (that looks hott on him :)) & I bought myself two really cute tank tops (for next summer of course) for $3.95 each. Seriously couldn't pass that up. Plus, we got 20% off for buying 3 things and saved ourselves $7. Not bad. If you need to buy anything from AE, I think their 20% any 3 things sale is going on through the weekend :). It's a good deal.

From there, we went and browsed the wonderful things of Pier 1 Imports. I love that store. I very rarely buy anything from there, but I love to look. Kirkland's is the same thing. I can't wait to be in a new house for me to decorate! It's exciting! :) Chad & I eventually made it over to the kitchen/plate section & I saw him start playing with some kitchen timers for baking. As I continued browsing, he came over to me and said, 'we need to leave in 3 minutes'. I had no idea why he had been so specific until we walked out of the store 2 1/2 minutes later. He then proceeded to tell me that he had set about 7 of the timers to go off in 10 minutes, 9 minutes, 8 minutes, etc. with the first one going off in 3 minutes. Haha. I can only imagine how extremely obnoxious all of those timers going off a minute apart from each other must have been for everyone in the store. My husband is such a KID. I personally thought it was hilarious. Hopefully they don't remember who we are so that I can continue to enjoy my browsing sessions at the Pier in the future. :)

We then went to the first jeweler that we had checked out last Friday to remind ourselves of what they had to choose from. It was fun, but again, we decided to step back and give looking for a setting a small break. Gotta get this thing just right.

Before we headed home, we picked up a pepperoni and jalapeno pizza from the best pizza place in town. We ordered a medium, but they messed it up and accidentally made us a large instead. They only made us pay for the medium though, so we got some free pizza! Woo-hoo! :) Fat kids love them some free pizza. haha.

He had to go into work this afternoon so he could fly tonight. Hence, why I'm actually finding time to blog. I'm home alone & bored. haha. While he's been gone, I made a trip to Babies 'R Us and bought Kenna a pack & play playard. It's super cute and going to be very functional for us in all of our travels. Great for the grandparent's house! :)

That's pretty much the majority of what I did today. So far, it's been great! I just realized (because the bottle is sitting right next to me) that Chad & I have gone through 120 Tums (two big containers of them) since he got home 5 weeks ago. Talk about some serious heartburn! His is present most of the time & I'm hoping mine disappears when Kenna finally gets here. They work well though, plus they provide you with Calcium. :)

Well kids, I guess that's all for now. Sorry it was rather boring, but that's all I got. :) Better than nothing, right?! Hope everyone had a good Wednesday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

DONE!!! :)

I officially finished Kenna's bassinet makeover today! It took me a LOT of work on this thing...and though it may look pretty easy from the outside, there's really another 3 pieces that aren't showing that had to be done and attached too. I'm quite impressed with myself on this project. It was quite a challenging one to take on for my second project with a sewing machine EVER. Chad & I are both really happy about how it turned out. And, though it's not perfect nor anywhere near perfect (luckily, you all can't see the small flaws from there :)), I think Kennady will really like it. Either way, I know it's wayyyy better than how it started! :) Check out this link to see the before & after pics:

Now, I think I'm done sewing for a little while. Gotta let the brain juices rest for a bit. Maybe Christmas shopping is my next mission...OHHH DARN....! :) Hope all had a great weekend!

P.S. For some reason, blogger refuses to even react to me when I push the 'upload image' button. It allows me to do video, but no pictures. It's about to drive me crazy. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?!


Well, first of all, I would like you to look to the right of this post at that crazy floating baby to notice that we are only 30 sweet days away from little Kenna's arrival!! We are so anxious! :)

When Chad came home from work early on Friday, we went out to go mess around town & to grab some dinner at the Olive Garden. Before we went to eat, he took me to a really nice jewelry store & surprised me with the prettiest stone I have ever seen. Turns out, while he was in Africa, he met a contact that helped him get his hands on some Tanzanite. If you don't know what Tanzanite is, it is an increasingly rare gemstone that is mined in Tanzania, Africa. When it comes out of the ground, it is a greenish-yellow color. But after it's treated and shaped, it turns into the prettiest of blues...and for a really good one, it turns a shade of purple. Well, for my 25th birthday & more importantly, as a 'thank you for having my baby' gift, Chad gave this gem to me to have set into a ring or pendant or whatever I want. I decided a ring since I could where it & show off Kennady's stone daily that way. We looked around at everything the store had, including through all of their magazines & found a beautiful setting for it. I haven't decided if it is for sure the one I'm going to go with because we are going to get it custom-made, but it's very exciting. My husband is so good to me. What a thoughtful & loving man he is. We don't spoil ourselves with expensive things very often, but it's nice to do every once in a while. Here is a picture of the beautiful 2.36 carat princess-cut Tanzanite...I love it! :) For some reason, my blogger picture uploader refuses to do anything...I guess you will have to go to the link to see it again. Sorry! :)

For the last couple of weeks, the wives from the guys Chad was on a crew with this last deployment have been trying to get a dinner date put together. Finally, we found a weekend when everyone could meet up. There were four couples & we ate homemade tacos for dinner. They were good. Chad also made his famous cherry pie for dessert. It was a hit & delicious! It was really nice to socialize with some people from around here. Sometimes we get so caught up and comfortable in our everyday lives that we don't reach out very much. There were four super-cute kids there too, so it was a good time.

I think I might spend the good part of either today or tomorrow trying to get our hospital bag together...just in case. I have read through the suggestions that 'What to Expect' gives, so that can get me started. But, I was wondering if any of you mommies have any suggestions on what I will want (for sure) in the room with me for pre-& post-delivery, for entertainment, or for comfort? Feel free to share.

We got a little surprise yesterday at about 11:00am. Chad & I were just getting done with our breakfast in our pj's & he was running himself a hot bath when all of a sudden our front door starts to unlock from the outside. Chad luckily noticed & got to spit out 'hold on just a second while we get a little more decent' before some people walked in. To explain this intrusion, I will tell you that we still have a realtor's box on our door handle for those that want to come and see it. It has the key in it & they thought it was still 'vacant' from the deployment time, so they just started to walk in. Luckily, I had disarmed the house alarm after I got up or else they would have had a really big, loud, and obnoxious entrance. Anywho, we got some clothes on real fast & walked out of the house for about 5 minutes while they toured the place. Of course, since we didn't know they were coming, the house looked 'lived in' & was sort of a mess, but it could have been a LOT worse! We don't know if anything will come of the 'showing', but it was nice to actually have someone over to look at it. Maybe God has something in store...??

It's a cloudy day outside, we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast, & I'm getting close to being done with this bassinet project. The end may be near today! Yay! I'll keep you posted. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sewing again...

I don't have a lot to say, but I just thought I would let you guys know I'm still working hard on my sewing projects! I officially taught myself how to 'gather' and sew material so that it ruffles yesterday, so that was fun. I'm currently working on the bassinet makeover and it's looking very cute so far! I'll post before and after pics when I'm done.

Chad & I went on a tour of the hospital that we are delivering at this last Tuesday. It's a nice facility with really nice delivery suites. We got to see the nursery with all of the sweet new babies, the recovery rooms, & learned the process of our day when labor hits. Now we know where to park, how to get upstairs the fastest way, and that there are parking spaces for those already in labor in front of the hospital...just in case we need them. Good stuff.

Wednesday night we went to a breastfeeding class to learn all about it! Yes, I made Chad go with! I was instructed by many women that the husband should be there too so that they know what is expected of them & they also gain a better understanding of what's going on, how important it is, & the little tricks that I will surely need his help with in the beginning. It was very informational & though I was apprehensive about breastfeeding in the beginning of this pregnancy, I am now excited and ready to at least give it a good shake. If for whatever reason it doesn't go well, then I will be okay with that, but we're at least gonna try.

Welp, I'm trying to catch up on all of my Thursday night shows, so Private Practice here I come! :) Then on to sewing again. Also, YAY FOR FRIDAY! Hubs & I are dating it up tonight! :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Texas-bound & lovin' it!

Forgive my lack of posting lately. I feel like all I really have going on is this beautiful growing baby in my belly...and there's only so much I can say or blog about that won't bore you all. Ha.

But, Chad & I found out the best news ever yesterday! As many of you have probably already noticed on Facebook, we found out that we have received official orders to be restationed to Dyess AFB in Abilene! This is so great for us. We have been waiting and hoping to get this news for a couple of months now. It's our #1 pick for location, as my whole family lives right down the road about an hour and 20 minutes away. We also have some fam in Flower Mound which isn't far away either! Not to mention, that just being back in my homeland of Texas (the greatest state there is!) will be so refreshing & happy. Our report no later date is currently February 27th, so we just have a short 4 months left here in NC!

With that wonderfully short timeline, comes a couple more stresses for us. We have had our house listed on the market since late February. So far, we've had the equivalent of about 6 or 7 people that have come to look at it. We get good feedback from people every time it's shown, but we haven't had any biters at all...not even any nibbles. It's pretty frustrating because there are 8 other condos IN OUR COMPLEX ALONE that are either for sale or rent right now. We own this place so it's going to be a huge burden on us if we have to go to Texas still owning it...and trying to find a new house with a new loan all at the same time. Not to mention, our little girl is going to be here in a very short 5 weeks from today...if not sooner. Moving with a 3 month old will definitely be a challenging obstacle, but we're ready to take it on. I have tried my best to not stress over this house thing. We aren't against attempting to rent it out, but that's not a very attractive option either, considering we will be a good 5 states away and unable to monitor what happens here. Please, if you don't mind, think about sticking these little issues into your prayers at night for us. God has worked everything out in mine and Chad's existence just perfectly up until now, and I have full faith that He will continue to do so with this. But it never hurts to have your struggles and worries lifted up by your friends.

So, good news & worrisome news, but overall, the best thing that could possibly happen at this point in our lives! Texas, we're coming home to you! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sewing Machine...that's what I am!

This past Saturday, I finally gave into my inner-desire to purchase a real-life grown-up woman's sewing machine. It's a Brother LX-3125 Beginner sewster. It is the perfect machine for my skill level, because I have grown up watching my mother sew us bedding, outfits, & costume after costume. It was always so much fun to watch her create something neat out of a square piece of fabric. I've been everything from a genie, a witch, Raggedy Ann, a California raisin, all the way to Wilma Flintstone (and many things in between). She is currently working on Kennady's bedding for her crib & I am so excited about it. Now, I have a whole other appreciation for the hard work she is putting in! Sewing is definitely a trial & error process...especially when you don't have mommy right by your side to instruct you & prevent errors before they are made. I think she will probably leave me with quite a list of "do's & don't's" while she's here in November. It would be nice to not have to pay what Chad & I refer to as 'the stupid tax' when doing some of these projects. It would sure save a lot of time too!

After about 14 good hours of work, I managed to produce my very first product from the Brother LX-3125. Bear in mind that this is my first time to really use a sewing machine in it's entirety all by myself, so my finished piece is not perfect, but it's going to work and function just fine...and it looks pretty. :)

Chad & I were lucky enough to have a family from our squadron GIVE us their baby swing & bassinet for FREE. They are done building their family, so they didn't have any more use for them, so we gladly accepted their offering. I'm not a huge fan of Pooh & Friends (plus a few milk stains), so I decided that I would re-make the seat cover for the swing. My next project will be to re-make the dust ruffle & sheets for the bassinet. It's also going to be a challenging one, but fun. Plus, I judgmental can a baby really be about how good my construction is? haha. I'm sure Kenna will be take it pretty easy on me. ;)

Follow this link to see the BEFORE & AFTER pics of Kenna's swing & to see the awesome machine that made it all happen!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello 2-5!

Well, today is my 25th birthday & I am taking it well. Though I did just realize that I'm a quarter of a century old, and that sounds terrible. Haha. At least I can feel good about what I've done up to now. I have graduated college, moved 5 states away from my family, gotten married, survived 4 deployments with my husband, & most importantly, we are soon to welcome our first little baby girl into the world. Life is gooooood at 25!

We have some plans to go out for dinner tonight & then we are going to see Couples Retreat, the new movie with Vince Vaughn. It looks really funny. Then, we are going to delve into the deliciousness of a strawberry double-layer cake with buttercream icing that my fabulous husband made for me last night. It's gonna be super-yummy! I've gotten a lot of fun and thoughtful birthday calls and texts today. It's been great so far...can't wait 'til tonight! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well, we are here. Back to NC, back to life lived together in our own home, back to normalcy. It feels nice. But, there are a lot of things we have to do to get ready for the next 6 weeks and that's quite overwhelming.

We had a great time in Texas & a VERY long ride home, but we made it. Orlando was beautiful & a lot of fun. Last weekend we were in Columbia, SC for the USC Gamecock football game with the whole Sellers clan. It was a good time and a lot of fun spending time with everyone. We tailgated for 6 hours before the game started, so things got a little crazy.

I went to the doc yesterday for my 33 weeks check-up. Everything is still looking great. I have gained about 17 pounds now which is right on where I should be. Kennady is super-duper active these days, making it difficult to sleep at night. It seems she stays asleep throughout the day, only to play during the night. I guess she's getting me used to the sleep schedule she's probably going to have when she finally gets here. Ha. The doc recommended that I go ahead and get a flu shot, just to be safe, so I did. It was my first one ever, so I didn't realize it would make my shoulder so sore. I tried sleeping on that side last night & didn't like it. Hopefully the soreness will subside by tonight. Kenna is approximately 4 pounds and around 19 inches long at this point. And as she grows, Chad & I just get more and more excited for her arrival. We can't wait (but will :)) for her to be here!

Sorry this is a boring post, but I guess it's better than nothing, right? I'll come back to this later. Gotta get something productive done before the hubby gets home. :)