Friday, September 30, 2011

'Thankful' Banner

Last week as part of my bestie's birthday gift, I made a banner that reads 'Thankful' for her mantle this Thanksgiving season. She really liked it and said as soon as she got home that she had it hung. I have to admit, it turned out super cute and I have another one on my to-do list for my own mantle. I just cut equal rectangles out of burlap, printed fun letters with black ink onto colored card stock, stacked those onto festive scrapbook paper, and went to work on them with my squiggly scissors. After adding a little hot glue to build the layers, the letters were done and ready for stringing with my leather twine. I can't wait to get all of the Fall decorations out, but because we are throwing our annual Halloween party, first thing's first & it's all ghouls and ghosts around here. I hope you like it!

What are your Fall plans...skip straight to Fall decor or take your time & set-up a little fun with Halloween first? I'd love to hear!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Vomit

I have really slacked again, so here we go with bullets since most of you reading don't care too much for the I right? I probably am, so here we go!

*We had an absolute BLAST at the Great Wolf Lodge. I have never seen so many smiles, splashes, & happy slide rides in my life. This little girl WORE the slides OUT!! She was SOOO big and surprised us with her tenacity. We will definitely be returning for future family trips because it was totally worth it! We got to finish out our trip visiting the outlets & spending several fun hours looking around Ikea. It was a fabulous weekend.

*Last weekend we went to Lake LBJ with my best friend Nicole to visit her dad at his lake house. My mom volunteered to take care of Kennady so we have a little more free reign and it was glorious. We didn't do much but swim, sea-doo, rope swing, watch football, sit on the dock, & ride the boat. It was such a fun, laid-back weekend and we really needed it. When we got back Sunday afternoon, we started prepping for a surprise birthday party at our house for my best friend Elya. I made some cake balls that were delicious. Here's a quick recipe for you to add to your collection:

1 cup dry cake mix of any flavor
1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
1/2 tbsp. vanilla

1. Mix the ingredients together; put in freezer for about 5 minutes; pull them out; roll into 1" balls; refreeze for 5 minutes.
2. Heat 3 blocks of Vanilla or Chocolate almond bark in a small bowl; dip the balls to coat; place on wax paper until they harden.
3. CONSUME!!! They are soooo easy and you (not your hips) will be glad you made them. :-)

The Coffee & Sweets birthday party was a success & I think she really enjoyed herself. Happy Birthday again Elya!

*I never updated you on the fence, but it is UP & beautiful! We are so happy to have a little more privacy, pretty trees to look at, & a beautiful yard of grass coming in more every day. I thought I would be at least 60 before I was happy about watching the grass grow, but happened at a young 26 (for at least 10 more days at least :-)).

*Yes, that's right. My 27th birthday is coming up on October 9th & I'll be honest...I'm indifferent about this one. I know I'm getting older, but I'd appreciate it if that number would just quit going up so quickly. Seriously, it's getting out of hand and WAY too close, too fast to the big 3-0. I guess time flies while you're having fun because my last 15 years sure passed in a hurry!! I don't know what my plans are for celebrating this year, but I'm sure something will come about sooner or later.

*I'm throwing my first Pampered Chef party the Saturday of my birthday weekend and I'm really excited about it. It's going to be a couples party with grilling & some fun kitchen prep, so it will be a fun change up to have men around during one of these parties. We're looking forward to it. Feel free to visit this site to browse the newest catalog & place an order or let me know what you're interested in  & we will get you anything you need.

*Besides all of this, my house is slowly being taken over by all things Halloween. Ghosts, mice, glitter, banners, spider webs, wreaths...they're all over the place. We have our 2nd annual Halloween Party coming up & I'm soooo excited to host again. It was a blast last year and this year should be even better. I have a lot of work ahead of me though, both in getting our costumes together & going all out on decorations, so just call me crafty Kelly for the next couple of weeks! I'll be becoming best friends with my hot glue gun & scissors if you need to find me. :)

*I think that's enough 'catch-up the blog' vomit for now. Hope you feel better now...I know I do.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BOO! Candy

I was inspired by this on Pinterest the other day, & decided to do my own version...for $6!!

I saw these candle holders at the Dollar Tree & paired them with the votive candleholders with a little hot glue & voila! New candy dishes were born. It was super easy & only took about 10 minutes.

 I added some jute around the groove in the glass & cut B-O-O letters out of cardstock & tied them on. It turned out cute, I think.

Plus, the candy is practically gone already, 4 days later. Ha. I put Reese's Pieces, the Autumn Mix, & original Candy Corn in the dishes & let me tell ya, they are delicious together! So hard to stop eating them once you start. Can't wait for Fall!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

West Texas Fair & Rodeo

Tonight was the last opportunity that our little family had to experience the stock show, rodeo, & fair that is in town. As a result, we randomly decided that we would go munch on some nasty-for-us food & jump in some rain puddles at the fairgrounds. Kennady ate up the whole experience. She had belly laughs while petting the donkeys at the petting zoo, huge smiles on the rides, giggles as she ate her first bite of funnel cake, & so much FUN overall!! She was taking in all of the lights, activity, stuffed animals, kiddos, & noise & hung in there until almost 10 o'clock tonight. We rode the Bear Affair as a family, the Jumbo Elephants, the mini-train (which she repeatedly referred to as 'the dinosaur train' from PBS), & she rode The Doodle Bug all by herself!

At the Petting Zoo:

Walking the fairgrounds with daddy:

 On her first ride ALL BY HERSELF!:

Spinning in the Bear Affair ride with mommy & daddy:

Arms up & WHEEEEE on the Jumbo Elephants:

Aboard the 'Dinosaur Train'....Choo-Choo!!

As you can see through the pictures, we had such a great time! After a fresh-squeezed lemonade, a fatty delicious funnel cake, & Chad's favorite candied apple, we are officially over our allowed family calorie count by oh, maybe 3000. Ha. Oh well, life only happens once & calories will be burned through nonstop swimming for 2 consecutive days at the Great Wolf Lodge (read below).

I LOVE my little family. The End. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goin' to the Lodge...

Man am I excited about this coming weekend! Chad & I decided to take an impromptu trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX with a couple we really like, the Kopers & their 3 kiddos! This will be our first trip to the lodge, though we always sang along to saw the commercials for it when we lived in North Carolina. Kennady has been too small for it until now, so we can't wait to see the fun she has. Not to mention that my husband turns into a very mature 5 year old boy when he gets to climb through watery nets & when jumbo water guns are in reach. And don't even get me started on how much he loves when the huge 1,000 gallon bucket of water pours out over his head. It's fun to watch & it's a blast to play at waterparks, so we're stoked! We figure since we missed out on a Schlitterbahn trip this year, we deserve a little last minute, swimmy fun as the summer comes to a close. And we are so happy that the Kopers decided to jump on our spontaneous wagon & go with us. We have yet to take a family trip with other families, so yay for firsts all the way around. They are veterans to the Great Wolf, so we also have someone to show us the ropes (bonus!). Excuse the lack of posting until we return on Sunday. We leave early in the morning so that we can take full advantage of the 2 days at the waterpark. I also have plans to hit up the outlets at Grapevine Mills & Ikea in Frisco. CAN'T WAIT!! Come on tomorrow!! :-) I hope everyone has a fun and blessed weekend! 

This is a pic of the pajama party before story time down in the lobby right before bed. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Costume Central

MY goodness. Looking back on the last 5 years of pictures, I just realized how many theme & costume parties my family has had, both to celebrate birthdays and for Halloween. So, I have decided to share some pictures and ideas with you to aid in coming up with something for this Halloween. Maybe some of the outfits, which are mostly homemade, will inspire you & give you something fun to think about. We had such a fun time at each one of these parties & I hope that this coming Halloween brings you a fun night of tricking & treating.

The Flintstones & Rubbles (all friends in 2005) - 
Costumes made of felt, leather, & fuzzy fabrics. All were handmade & super EASY! (p.s. I made Bam-Bam's outfit & it turns out his 'cheeks' were a bit larger than I thought...ha. Sorry for the peep show!)

70's party thrown by the baseball team of Angelo State University in 2005
(Can I have my skinny, pre-baby body back, please?!)

Halloween Bash 2006 HOT WOMEN

My favorites were Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911, Where's Waldo? (who tried his best to make it into EVERY picture...hilarious) & Russell Simmons (though the shorts were SHORT ENOUGH!) :).

Me & the Hubs had a free photo session at JCPenney, so we decided to use it on Halloween night & they captured this pic. It's a fun thing to have! :)

My brother's 25th Pirate Birthday Surprise Party (2006)
(the party that I think kicked off my family's obsession with playing dress-up, ha)

My dad's 66th Hillbilly Birthday Party (2006) 
(click to enlarge, but be warned that your first
reaction may be "WHOA, that is TRASHY"! Ha.) So fun!

My brother, Batman's 26th SuperHero Birthday Party 

I found my Turtle shell at a thrift store & made the rest for Michelangelo (who just so happened to be my favorite ninja turtle growing up) & we had a blast. I am with Batman, a Powerpuff Girl, Poison Ivy, & my sis the Pajama Hero!

Halloween Party 2007 
Santa & his Elf (handmade felt costume), a Rocker who was Hot For Teacher, & of course Smurfette & Papa Smurf.

My sis' 30th Birthday (2009) celebrated in true 80's fashion. We went out for a night 
of karaoke & rocked our socks off like this IN PUBLIC. So funny. :)

My 25th Birthday Toga Celebration (2009) with the whole family!

I was thrown a Mad Hatter Birthday Party last year by my dear friends & we wore anything striped or kind of wacky. Gotta love our awesome headbands! 

My sweet whimsical cake by Crystal (pictured above). So cool!

First Annual Sellers Halloween Bash 2010
The creative Twister Board!

My brother Edward Scissorhands (cutting my hair, ha)

A cute little twist to Beauty & the Geek

Ken & Barbie, so creative!

Tourists...funny, funny stuff!

Our pirate family photo with our favorite Parrot Kennady!

As you can tell, there are very few dull moments when you're around my family & friends. We all love to spend time together & celebrate in the wackiest ways we can think of. I just hope that we keep the fun parties rolling! I hope this got you thinking a little more about how you might decorate yourself or your family this year! I have already started racking my brain for a fun and 
interesting (or unusual) family costume this year.  If you have any fun ideas for our sweet threesome, PLEASE share! :-)

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