Sunday, December 28, 2008

Off to Boston in the morning...

We are officially headed north to Boston tomorrow. We fly out of here at 6:15 am. Whew, that's early!! Which pretty much means Chad & I have some clothes washing & packing up to do tonight. Doesn't look like we'll get much sleep, but we will be happy and in Boston tomorrow which makes us very happy!

I looked on and saw that there is a chance of snow showers in NYC on New Year's Eve. Should be very interesting!! I would LOVE for it to give us a little snow while we're there! That would be like the vanilla icing on our wintery cake. Next time you hear from me, I'll be vacationing in the New England states. Hope everyone has a safe & Happy New Year!

We will party like it's 2-0-0...9! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

MMMM, Pizza...

We are about to head to the Mellow Mushroom for the bestest pizza in the world. It can't be beat. It has become one of our favorites & we always feel miserable by the time we walk out from fullness, but it's worth it. Pepperoni & jalapenos here we come! Enjoy your weekend while I happily continue my path towards obesity! :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas...

We have been busy little elf bakers today. Our pie creations turned out beautifully & Chad & I ended up with pumpkin, pecan, and cherry pies. MMM, MM, good. We are all so excited to cut into them tomorrow! I also went ahead and prepared some deviled eggs (MMM) & my mommy's bestest stuffing in the world. I'm gonna try it out on the Sellers family to see how it goes over with them. I can't wait for dinner tomorrow.

We all went to see 4 Christmases tonight at the theatre. It was really cute & fun to go with the fam.

I still, even though I'm 24 and know that Christmas isn't all about Santa & presents, I will still admit that I get excited about the next morning of surprises & family time. I gotta go to sleep now so it'll come faster! :)

Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In the Myrtle-B, yo!

We have arrived to our Christmas celebration location for this season! We flew cross country and arrived here in Myrtle Beach yesterday afternoon to spend the holidays with Chad's side of the family. Mommy-in-law has finished all of her extreme Christmas decorations and the house looks beautiful, inside & out. We have a Sellers family portrait scheduled for this evening at Sears. It should be a good time. haha.

I can't believe we are only 2 days away from Christmas. Thank the great Lord above for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! And also, a great thank you to him for allowing the love of my life to be home this Christmas season. We are so blessed! I would also like to send my love and sympathy out to those who have their 'other halves' overseas right now. God bless them & keep them safe!

Praise the Lord for all He has lavished upon us! I wish everyone a wonderful & joyful Christmas celebration.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Yay ABC...& a kitty?!

The new episode of Private Practice was already available on last night, so I got to catch myself up, which I was very happy about. Also, I was glad to have Michelle win the Biggest Loser the other night! She definitely deserved it & she looked hott. I don't think we have to worry about her putting the weight back on in the future which is good. And now she's $250,000 richer! You go girl!

We went to eat Brick Oven pizza for lunch today. It was mmm, mmm, good. I had a Coke with mine, which always makes pizza even yummier. That delicious Pepperoni & Jalapeno pizza. It's our Friday family specialty. We LOOOOVE Fridays.

I am a doggy-lover and there were some puppies for free in the Wal-Mart parking lot this afternoon. We almost stopped, but decided it's like torture playing with puppies you can't have. They were really cute though. Chad & I would love to get a dog, but our place just isn't fitting for a German Shepherd. So, looks like we'll have to wait. Anyways, the point of telling you that I'm a doggy-lover was to share with you how much Shannon's cat likes me. This is unusual. For one, I'm allergic to cats and have never really liked them. I can take or leave petting one. I will agree that they are cute as kittens, but once they grow up and get their own cat-like personality, I don't really appreciate them as much. Bebe, Shannon's kitty, is LOVING me. I have been scratching her, petting her, and letting her sleep on my lap, which is soooo out of character for me. I guess I just figured that while I'm here alone in the house all day, I might as well befriend someone. And Bebe is now my someone. Haha. She's a sweet cat though. And she loooooves string. It's hilarious. Anyways, for those who know me really well, I figured you would be shocked by my behavior. And there you go...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The DVR Blues...

I'm feeling a little out of my element here in AR. We currently don't have a DVR in the house we're staying at, and it's sad that I'm sad about it. haha. I think I may need an intervention. Well, I guess I don't, being that I don't have an addiction to it right now while we don't have one, but I do think I'm going through withdrawals. And that's a very sad thing. We have basic cable here, no TV guide, & I couldn't find ABC last night. Therefore, I missed Private Practice which is one of my new favorites and I was sad. UGH! I'll probably watch it online but they always wait a week or so to post the new episodes. I guess they do that so the impatient people (yours truly) will go to iTunes and BUY it instead. We're going to have to do something about getting a DVR when we get back in January. So many shows come back in the spring! We have Lost, 24, American Idol, Life, Private Practice, the Biggest Loser, etc. It's gonna be crazy.

Does anyone else find it sad that this is all that I have to blog about? I guess that if this is my life's worst hurdle right now, then we're doing okay. I'm so worthless. haha.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland...almost.

In Arkansas right now, it is 26 degrees and there is a solid layer of ice on every surface outside. It's COLD. And everything has been cancelled today. Including all base activities (so Shannon & Chad got to stay home), and school is out for the little ones. So, we decided to spend our day doing 'snow day' activities such as watching movies (Santa Claus 3 is in right now), cooking a hot stew for lunch, making homemade hot chocolate, and we had a delicious apple bake for breakfast. It's a great day of lounging. It actually looks like it snowed outside, but it didn't. It's just yucky, have to stay home, dangerous road-ICE. Sucks, but we're making the best of it.

Cassandra's graduation dinner at Capeo is tonight and we're really hoping it works out! I got to spend the day with her yesterday and it was a lot of fun. We went to eat lunch at a Japanese Hibachi/Sushi grill called Sakura. It was yummy. Then we went to Wal-mart to grab some special ingredients to make Christmas goodies. We spent the rest of the afternoon making Puppy Chow (it's soooo sinful & addicting) and also some white & milk chocolate pretzels. Delicioso! It was fun stuff & we got lots of loving from our hubbies who love baked goods. :)

That's pretty much all that's going on with me right now. Hope everyone is surviving the cold, wherever you are!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kelly 2008...

No matter what anybody says, I am NOT hard to shop for at Christmas. Mom thinks I'm her easiest person to shop for every year because she says I always provide her with a list, plenty long with all of the things I want. It's true. I can always find SOMETHING that I want for myself, I just have trouble remembering what I have found when it comes down to needing to pass on the info. So, because I know how short-memoried (sp?) I am, I've gotten better at writing them down. Here is what I have asked for this Christmas. We'll see what happens:

*A white pea coat such as this one:

*The board game Cranium Wow, cuz it's fun and we love games! :)

*A nice, dressy watch. I haven't had a watch in several years and think it's time to dress up the arm a little, once again.

*A gift certificate to Starbucks always makes me happy. I usually only go there in the winter for a good Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Caramel Apple Cider, or a French-Vanilla Cappuccino. I love walking in there...mmm, mmm, mmm, for the smell of it. Warm, yummy drinks sound good right now!

*Some of the coolest, prettiest, funnest eye shadows out there. It's called Hot Pants. They're expensive, but they last a year each. Seriously, I love them. You can find them too at Thanks sissy KK for getting me hooked!!

*Some kind of cute, funny warm-wear like this hat:

*An iPod dock for my iPod (duh). I don't care if its fancy-schmancy or anything. I just want something to hook up in my bathroom so I can jam out while I'm in the shower and getting ready. It's just not the same when I'm not dancing or singing along. haha.

*And I also asked for cute scarves/gloves for our NY trip. Hopefully I get SOMETHING warm or I may just freeze my lil tooshie off!

*I asked my mommy for my favorite perfume of all time. It's Beautiful Sheer by Estee Lauder. She has gotten it for me since I fell in love with it, which was when I was in high school. It's so great, it's one of those smells where everyone always asks what you're wearing. I like it when I smell that good. :)

I'll stop there cuz I think that list makes me enough of a brat. I don't have to get it all, remember. Those are just the things I threw out there as ideas. I'll let you know how it goes in just 2 short weeks from today! :) Yay for Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Arkansas calls...

Well, these past 4 weeks of being 'at home' seem like they are to be short-lived. We have received orders to report to Arkansas for what could be the next 8 to 10 weeks (give or take). Chad is coming into his 'next step' towards becoming an even better-qualified pilot, so we are going to be there so he can upgrade himself and become an AC, which stands for Aircraft Commander (the head honcho, the main man, the left seater, etc.). Yay for profession progression, but BOO to being away from home all of that time.

A hidden happy thing about this is that the 'schoolhouse' is closed for two weeks for a Christmas/New Years break, so we don't have to take 'leave' for it, saving us like 12 days of precious vacation days. That's awesome.

I am still trying to figure out what I can be doing with myself for that whole time! I'm going to be carless because Chad has to have a way to get to work everyday, so that makes things kinda difficult. Luckily, Cassandra & Aaron are going to be there & I plan on intruding on Cass quite often, haha. I have a hair appointment made for the 17th (yay!), Cass is graduating with her Masters in Journalism on the 18th, and she's having a dinner party on the 16th! So, we at least have a couple of things to do while we are there this coming week.

Any ideas of what a girl can do while she is home with herself and a laptop? Preferably something that makes money. haha. I know, sounds pretty dreamy. But, I'm open to any ideas my friends.

Today & tomorrow, I will be busy packing us up for a 2 1/2 month vacation from home that has to include the appropriate clothing for our Christmas trip to Myrtle Beach and warm-wear for our New Years trip to NYC. Lots & lots of clothes to pack! I guess I better get to work!

We hit the road towards Arkansas on Wednesday, but plan on stopping in Asheville, NC for two nights so we can experience the famous Biltmore mansion's Christmas events. We are excited to see the amazing decorations. Here is a link to a small video of what we expect to see:

We've been looking forward to it since last Christmas when Chad wasn't here for us to go, so it should be fun! Gotta go get busy! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Box Office Misses Us...

I was sitting here thinking, & came to the realization that it has been MONTHS since we last visited the movie theater. It's kind of weird, cuz we are huge movie-watchers. I guess life has just been a little crazy lately.

Because it's Friday & we often use Friday for 'date night', I was looking into what movies are waiting for us at the theaters this weekend. Chad is a crazed 007 fan, so the Quantum of Solace has been waiting for him since he returned from overseas. I'm surprised it's taken this long for him to try and drag me to see that one. Also, Four Christmases looks like a super-cute movie! I love Vince Vaughn & Reese Witherspoon, so it's definitely gonna be a good one. Marley & Me looks like it's going to be a hoot with that silly puppy dog! Again, Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson are a great pair. And the previews are hilarious. And for another 'stupid' movie (I love those for some reason), we have Role Models. We are also excited about Will Smith's new movie, 7 Pounds. It looks captivating, but it hasn't been released just yet.

Anyways, I'll stop there. I'm sure there are more, but we have to choose ONE for tonight to start. Then we can think about the others. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blissful Thieves...

Interesting heading, I know, but that's what Chad & I felt like after this past Sunday. (Don't worry, we aren't running from the law with smiles on our faces.)We were still in Myrtle Beach & spent most of the day at the Tanger Outlets. For you Texans out there, the Tanger/Prime outlets of San Marcos have probably been on your list of places to stop to spend some quality shopping time once or twice before. The outlets are a beautiful thing. I mean, who doesn't LOVE getting quality things from big name brands for cheaper! Speaking as a true bargain shopper, finding things for cheaper makes me smile from the inside, out!

So, Sunday, Chad & I got to talking and realized we didn't have many winter clothes for this season. We are going to be in New York at some point, and we all know we're probably going to freeze our little tooshies off! So, we figured a couple sweaters, pants, long-sleeved shirts, and winter wear would be a smart investment. Then, off we went to one of our favorite stores...Banana Republic. I will admit, for a bargain shopper, BR usually isn't on the list of stops. Although, any clothing you buy from there, you can guarantee to have it for another 5 years down the road. The quality that they put into their products is very high, hence probably why it's a popular place. It just so happened that Black Friday specials were still going on and everything in the store was 50% off! Yes, that's right...I said 50% off EVERYTHING! What a deal! Needless to say, we tore up the place. Chad got 2 pair of jeans, 2 khakis, 3 long-sleeved shirts, and 2 heavy sweaters. Nothing like stocking up! I found a nice pair of dark dressy jeans, a cute turtleneck, & a unique pink pullover. So cute! $215 later, we were all set! The left of this pic is most of his side:
Then, we headed over to Gap. Another place I love to shop. They were also having a huge sale. I walked out of there with 2 pair of dress pants, 3 sweaters, a tank, a dress, & 3 long sleeve shirts & Chad got another long-sleeve shirt. AWESOME! And for only $110! We felt like we practically robbed the place! Hence, the blissful thieves. This pic is my half:
On top of the already-low prices for the sales, we bought 2 coupon books for $5 each and got to use them in both stores, taking another $60 off or so. MONEY!! Bargain, bargain, bargain!

So, to complete my bragging post, I will finish by gloating over our $325 worth of purchases for quite a few items that really should have cost us (based on the bottom of our receipts), da-da-du-dun...770 dollars!! WE WIN, WE WIN!

We were so happy about how our day went and our new winter wardrobes, that we laid out all of our purchases on our bed to admire when we got home. We shall be warm this winter!