Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Back Into the Working World

Today & yesterday have been the first two days that I have "worked" since the very end of May. It's pretty crazy being off of work for a period of time like that. Over this period I have learned that being a 'housewife' isn't for me...that is, UNTIL I have children to tend to. There is really only so much house cleaning/straightening, dishes, laundry, t.v. watching, & couch potatoeing that a woman can do before ants get in her pants and make her wanna do something a lil more productive with her time. I am obviously a person who can only feel 'worthless' (in the sense that I am not contributing monetarily to our family) for so long. Then, it becomes time to contribute. You can imagine Chad is happy about this (haha). I have a lot of things I'm capable of doing, I just haven't quite figured out which one of them I would like to pursue. Also, this deployment has made it hard for me to try and focus on getting a job in NC yet, so it looks like that will be one of our first ventures to pursue as soon as Chad gets back in February. But, back to being at work's kind of weird in the way that it is the same place I worked for all four years of my college career, and now I am back there, six months after I graduated and moved on. Talk about taking a couple steps into reverse! It almost feels sometimes like I never left...when really, a LOT has gone on in the past six months. I finished my last semester of college, I graduated, I moved to North Carolina, I got married, I went on my honeymoon, got back to NC and now I'm back in TX where I was when this all started. CRAZY! I can't say I completely ENJOY being back at work, but I do feel better about my ability to contribute to the "me & Chad" fund. It's worth it, I just have to stick it out for a while.


Chelsey's Chatter said...

where are you working at?

cassandralynne. said...

I agree. I think that we women without babies SHOULD be contributing. We really don't have an excuse not to. I am proud of you! Also, when you work, you have more freedom when it comes to shopping and spending money. Good for you!