Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy as bees!

Whew! We have been living in a really fun and exciting whirlwind lately! With Chad's approaching deployment comes the necessity and interest in coming to see us SOONER than previously planned for family and friends. We are unfortunately approaching June 15th quite quickly and we are definitely staying busy in the meantime (which makes the time, but we are happy to be busy...catch 22, I guess). This past weekend, some of our best friends, Dom & Shannon, came from Del Rio to visit us. The just moved there from Little Rock, AR to become instructor pilots for the Air Force and are scheduled to get married June 26th in New Mexico. Chad was supposed to be the best man in the wedding, but because of this crazy sucky deployment, he has had to pass up the opportunity for the second best friend of his in a row. It's very unfortunate because we would LOVE to be part of their special day. We had a really enjoyable weekend with them though.

Coming this weekend, we have Chad's brother and a girl friend of his. They are coming Fri.-Mon. and we have plans to make a trip to SA-town on Sunday. The following weekend, Chad's parents and sister are coming Fri.-Mon. also. That next weekend, we are hoping to go to SA-town to get my hair done and to get Kennady's 6th month pictures taken by the Cozarts (hopefully :)). That next Wednesday, my family is going to Schlitterbahn for the day and then Thursday through Sunday, we have the annual Robertson Family Reunion at Lake LBJ in Kingsland. SOOO much going on it's crazy! Then, 2 days later, Chad deploys. Everything up until that day is fabulously fun and exciting, but no one likes a looming deployment. Bleh.

On a Kennady note, we think she is starting to teeth. There are moments when she just burst into a loud whiny cry that sounds like something is hurting her. Then we use Baby Orajel or Tylenol and things get better. She is also rolling over on her own, starting to push up into crawling position, talking in 'words' instead of coos, about to start real baby food, and being as giggly and happy as ever. She is sooo sweet.

Chad & I have vowed to start a new workout routine called Insanity and that is just what it is. It's a lot of high-intensity circuits workouts that last for short spurts of time (that feel like forever) with little rest. Yesterday was our first day and I am already SOOO SORE. I did realize though that prior to yesterday, the last time I had really worked out or done anything athletic was over a year ago, pre-pregnancy. It's going to be a painful 60 days, but hopefully we learn to stick to it and see some results.

Today I went to lunch with our commander's wife, the D.O.'s wife, and another spouse at Zookini's. They were really easy to get along with ladies and I really look forward to getting to know some of the other spouses at this base. Last time in NC, I didn't really do much to get involved with the other spouses, but I plan on changing that at this base. It is always so much more fun when you have one or several networks of friends to do things with. Plus, it helps to have women around that know and understand what it feels like during a deployment. We will see how the next couple of events goes, but I am hopeful that there are several spouses that I may get along well with.

I bought a rug to go underneath our dining room table today from Pier 1. I love that store. Although I very rarely purchase anything from there, it's a great store to waste time walking around in. I usually find good presents there for people too, so it's fun.

Well, I must get along to whatever is next on the agenda. I'm sure there's a list of about 50 things I have to do by this weekend laying around here somewhere. Hope all is well! (Shaunna, you and Addi are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope she gets better soon!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the 'goings on'...

Well, we have been quite the busy bees agaon...but it's been a lot of fun. This past weekend, I went to church to help cook a meal for the college students with my friends and it was a lot of fun. Kennady got passed around to about 15 different people (or more) throughout the evening and spread her smiles and happiness with everyone. It was a great time....then she got a major de-germing rub-down. So what, mommy is paranoid. :) We went back to the church Monday night also to help out with a finals week Pancake Dinner that they did for the college students too, and that also was a good time. We're really loving being back involved with the church again. And there are so many great people we have met and enjoy spending time with, it's just awesome.

On the homefront, we are feverishly working on getting the yardwork done and completed before Chad potentially leaves us this summer....yes, that's right....another dreaded deployment is upon us (BOOOOOO!). Once again, for the third summer (yes I said THIRD!!) in a row, my husband will be stuck overseas, this time in Kuwait. This is deployment number 5 for us (insert throw-up action here). It's quite frustrating, but we have tried to move past the negativity, though there is more than ever now that little Kennady is here. It breaks my heart to think about all of the growth and fun stuff he is going to miss (insert tears and heartbreak here). Ugh.

Moving on. This weekend is going to be a really crazy one for us! Saturday brings our second go at the garage sale (a little mishap in the newspaper advertisement last weekend (no address was listed)) caused us to need to go at it again. So, I will be doing that at a friend's house from 7-noon, then we have a graduation party for my bestie Elya who is graduating with her Master's in Psychology from 5-8pm, and then we have a block party to go to that is being hosted by our closest neighbors in our new neighborhood from 6:30-?. It's safe to say it's going to be a crazy day! BUSY BUSY, but a lot of fun, I'm sure! Then, Sunday morning after church, we are headed to SA-town to spend Mother's Day with the family. Nuts I tell ya! :)

I have been shopping-shopping for all kinds of fun stuff for the house. Mostly decor-related things. It's been a lot of fun. I'm what some would call a Frugalista, so it's like a game to me to find the best place to buy something for the best price. I have to admit, I've found some pretty awesome deals lately and I'm proud of it! :)

I got my first bouquet of Mother's Day flowers today in the mail from my sister, sis-in-law, and mommy. It was a beautiful set of bright tulips and they are really pretty. So sweet. I LOVE me some fresh flowers! And still to this day, it's surreal to me that I'm a mommy...but it's the sweetest thing in the world. :)

Well, that's most of all the babbles I have available for now. Hope you're having a great week! Now it's on to catching up on my blog readings!! :)

P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!