Thursday, November 8, 2007


I'm actually at a loss of words tonight...I just can't think of anything any of you would be interested in hearing about. The thoughts that usually cross my mind are almost always involving Chad...& I don't want ya'll to get tired of my talking about him in every I have decided to give that one a rest for a couple blogs, or for however long i can actually accomplish that feat, haha.

Looks like I have some more work at the Shipping Point to look forward to these next couple of days, and a splen-didly-duper Super Hero themed birthday party on Saturday night for my 26 year old brother. We are such children! I've dressed up more in the past couple years that I think I have in all of my Halloweens combined! haha. It's a blast though. I'm not going to reveal what I will be going as because you must know that if I did tell you, I would probably have to kill you (haha)...and nobody wants that! :) Anyways, that's all for tonight. You may patiently await some photos in the next couple of days! Farewell for now! :)

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