Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Fun!

I am so excited about this weekend I could PoP! We leave tomorrow to Lake LBJ in Kingsland to spend the whole weekend with almost the whole Robertson clan! It's going to be crazy fun and we get to spend the whole next 4 days out on the lake, swimming, catching some rays, and eating some good food with great people. Amazingly enough, this is our First Annual Robertson Family Reunion so it's always exciting for new and improved family fun-time! We have 18 individuals staying in one 3 bedroom/2 bath rent house that has a nice, sandy beach and plenty of water in front of it. Anytime we can get all of the Robertsons together, it's a good time. We're a very close-knit group & can't help but feed off of each other when it comes to happy times and laughter. I just can't wait.

I have yet to gather my contributions (like groceries and what nots), pack, pluck my crazy eyebrows, touch up my pretty toenails, and all of those other fun things you have to do before you go on vacation. Luckily, it's going to be very laid back and chill and there will be 3 prego ladies there, so we're all planning to probably duck out halfway through the day to catch a couple zzz's together. Haha. Little prego power naps...ya can't beat 'em! Haha.

This is one of those trips that I have been looking forward to since about March and it's finally here! It's going to be difficult falling asleep tonight for the anxiety and excitement. I guess I should go start getting my checklist of things to do started. I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend! See ya on the flipside! :)

Here is a picture of how crazy we Robertson's can be...hahaha:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Pa's Day...

I must send a Happy Father's Day to my daddy. A man who is admired by so many, lives life to its fullest, and helped to raise me in a family that I could not survive without. At a ripe 67 years of age, you are still blowin' and goin' & you continue to make me proud to be your daughter everyday.

To all of my grandpa's up there in Heaven, I miss you dearly and I can't wait to get to hug around your neck again. You are severely missed and have made a huge mark on me and my heart.

And, to my husband who is a gleaming father-to-be...I have been waiting for the chance to make you a daddy for a while now, and I am so excited to see the amazing transformation into fatherhood that is sure to take place. You are going to be the best daddy in the world. I love you so much and can't wait to be holding our little one together soon. You are my best friend and I am so blessed to have you in my life. Happy Father-to-be Day, baby. I love you so much!

A quick update...

Sorry I have been absent from this thing lately. Believe it or not, I've been keeping quite busy! Mom & I have finished the nursery, for now. It looks really cute and pictures are to come soon. I'm waiting for my paintings to be mounted on the wall, but we might have to settle for them just being in the room since we aren't quite sold on where to hang them just yet. Mom hasn't purchased the crib or changing table that is to go in there, so that's kind of what we're waiting on to completely finish things up.

I went golfing with 2 of my bros, my bro-in-law, sissy, and daddy today for the annual Father's Day golf trip in Eden. I'm not quite sure why Eden is always the course of choice, but I think it's because it's not very busy and it takes them about 6 hours to get 18 holes done, haha. It's a good time. I actually got some sun today. It's kinda red for now, but I'm thinking it will be darker brown in a couple of days. Yay for finally catching some rays! :)

I've been working on and off and that's still going good. I LOVE being able to make my own schedule! It's such an awesome and convenient blessing!

I've marked quite a few things off of my to-do list so far this summer. I'm pretty happy about that. I have yet to start on our wedding album. Yes, I said OUR WEDDING ALBUM...ya know, of the wedding we had almost a full 2 YEARS ago! Some would probably say I'm a little behind. :) And I am, but I'm trying my best to finally get my butt in gear to get it done before baby arrives, cuz God knows it probably would never happen if I don't do it now. Haha. I mean, I've put it off for 2 years already. Who says I wouldn't continue to do so for another 10? Ha. It's sad, I know. I will be so happy to have it done one day down the line though, I know I will.

I have yet to buy my daddy anything for Father's Day. I really have no idea what he wants or needs. Buying for guys, unless you go the Academy gift card or bullets for your gun route, is quite difficult. Though, I will admit that they are always appreciative or whatever the gift is usually, unlike us women. :) We tend to be slightly more picky sometimes. I guess I have a mission to get done tomorrow! :)

We are getting ready for a Thursday through Sunday Robertson family reunion spent at Lake LBJ in Kingsland this coming weekend. Everyone is so excited about it. We have rented a house to all stay in so it should be a really fun time. There are 15 adults and 3 children going and we're all staying under an 1800 square foot roof, so it should be nice and tight! Ha. Nice, close family bonding is to be had. Ha. And 3 pregnant ladies!! LOL. Watch out everyone else! We're hungry! Haha. :) Can't wait!

I guess that's all I have for now! Be back soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Photobook mania...

Well, I FINALLY got our 2007 photobook finished on and ordered it and everything. You think I might be a little behind?? Haha. It's been tough catching up since I just started making books for us about 8 months ago. All of my pictures since as far back as 2004 we in such a mess. I finally buckled down and attacked all of my media files one day and miraculously got them organized. It was no small job though, seeing as there are at least 4,000 pictures. I know, I'm a crazy picture taker, but I love it. Capturing memories on film has always been one of my passions so I try to keep up a good practice of snapping away. I have halfway filled up a 120GB media drive with what I have so far, so I think it might last me another year or two before I have to invest in another one...especially since the baby will be here soon and my picture obsession is only going to get worse from there on folks. The photobooks turn out really good though and they are thin enough to comfortably store in the living room for all to enjoy.

I don't know what it was, but for some reason I got some pep in my step to start (and finish) our 2008 book in these past 3 days. It was amazing how fast I got it done! I'm so happy with myself. :) I can't wait until they are both done at the printing shop & I can flip through the real thing!

I actually worked on Thursday and Friday of last week. It went well and I have a little pocket change now, which is always fun, so I think I'll keep up the good work and go in at least for a couple days every week while Chad is gone. Believe me when I say he was happy to hear I was working too! Haha.

I got an eye exam the other day and I ordered a year's worth of specialty contacts (for my silly eyes, I had no choice) that collectively cost me $450. Seriously? Is that completely ridiculous, or is that completely ridiculous? Ugh.

I think I have eaten my weight in Tostitos Hint of Lime chips and Julio's Salsa these past 2 days. Is that bad? Ha.

Chad & I got Skype set up so I've gotten to see his handsome face a couple times now. It's awesome. We can talk through the computer too and it's super-clear. I love it. Although, my webcam and speakers decided to act up this morning, so I have some problem-fixin' to handle. Maybe it just felt like being dumb...

Anyways, I guess that's it for now. We are still trying to get some work done in the nursery at my mom's house. I'll be sure to post pictures whenever we finally get finished! Adios for now!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Funny Hubby...

I laughed the other day when I had Chad on the phone. He called after the doctor's appointment to see how everything went. I immediately told him not to get too excited, because we didn't get to find out the sex just yet. So, he said, "that's okay...just as long as everything else tests out good." Then he went on to ask how 'he' (meaning the babe) was doing. I jokingly said that he better start putting 'she' in his questions and comments every once in a while, in case a boy is what he wants so he doesn't jinx it. He replied, "ohhh, you know I don't really care which one it long as it's healthy". I said, I know...but still. :)

After a couple seconds of silence he said..."I just want to know how many penises I'm going to have to worry about." To which I reply, "what in the world is THAT supposed to mean?!" (me mostly thinking that he's implying there are either multiple children in my tummy or that it's going to be double endowed or something, if you know what I mean ;)). He then replies, "well, if it's a boy, I only have to worry about ONE penis.......if it's a girl, I have to worry about MILLIONS of penises." Hahah.

LOL. I was like...."OOOOHHHHHHH, I get it" and we chuckled on. He's pretty cute....and is ALWAYS thinking. :)

On a more romantic and sappy note, I talked to Chad yesterday and asked him if he was staying in the same 5-star resort they had put him up in in Spain last week...and he was. I went on to say, "ohhh, poor you." :) haha. He then let me realize that it wasn't nearly as cool to be there alone as it would be to have me there. He sees couples walking down the hallway and families coming through the lobby and I think it makes him even more homesick than the regular desert deployments do. This was the analogy he used to explain how staying in that resort alone feels.

"It's like taking the most perfectly cooked rib eye in the world and pouring ketchup all over the top of kind of just ruins it."

I have yet to rant about the fact that that is how us wives feel EVERY deployment. We are out doing fun things to keep our minds off of the fact that we are doing it alone, only to feel even worse that we're having fun without them. It's a crazy and unfair double-edged sword. But, it gets us through. I wanted to say 'thanks' to then follow it up with 'join the club'. Ha. He's my sweetheart though! :) Love him!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doc visit & how it went...

I went to the doctor yesterday so they could run the 16-week glucose test to check for gestational diabetes in me and el bebe. Based on the stories I had heard about the nasty drink they make you suck down, I was totally dreading it. It actually turned out to be better than I thought it was going to be. I got a 10-oz bottle of lemon-lime flavored sugar water that I had to swallow in 5 minutes or less. It was VERY sweet, almost like 7-Up without the bubbles, just the syrup. I forced it down and gagged about 3 times, but I miraculously made it through it. An hour later, they took my blood and I got a call this morning that said that all of my lab tests came back normal, so that's refreshing! I also told them to run the Alphabetaprotein and another test that check for spina bifida, neural defects, and something else :)...maybe Down's? Anyways, they were all normal so that kind of good news is always appreciated! :) (Thank you God.)

Doc listened for the heartbeat for a couple of seconds and measured my belly and said everything is right on track and that I'm considered a low-risk pregnancy. I kind of already knew that, but Woo-hoo. :) We were also hoping we could get him to give us our first sonogram sooner than later so we could see the swimming baby and find out the sex.....but we had no such luck. Our first sonogram is going to be on July 8th at 2:00, right before my next exam at 3:00 the same day. It'll be done at 20-weeks and they will check everything from the baby's size and heart rate to its kidney function, etc. I am about to burst at the seams to know what sex this baby is! And now I have to wait 4 more full weeks! UGH!! haha.

So far, the consensus between family and friends is weighted at about 90-10 for a boy over a girl. For some reason, everyone thinks Kelly is a boy haver, haha. I guess it REALLY comes down to what kind of work Chad did, after all, haha. I really have nothing to do with it! It's funny how ridiculously lop-sided the numbers are though. It will definitely be interesting to find out!

We are planning my baby shower for Saturday, July 18th here in San Angelo because I'm going to have some family in from Alaska and it seems like one of the only open weekends left this summer. The only hitch is that my sonogram is a short 10 days before the shower, leaving me with a huge list of people to call and a very speedy registering job to do. Haha. Slightly stressful to think about, but I'll make it work. Speaking of, all you mommas out there PLEASE let me know a short list of your favorite products by brand name (such as bottles, diapers, butt creams :), thermometers, bath tubs, strollers, car seats, EVERYTHING) if you can. It's always good to get suggestions from people who have recently done all of this. Maybe it will help me to not have to find out the hard way that certain diapers create worse rashes and sippy cups that spill more often than not, etc. haha. Any help is appreciated! :)

I have yet to find any boy baby bedding that I really like, besides a really cute airplane theme...but that's a bit typical for a pilot's son, don't ya think? Ha. I'm really trying to find something a little more abstract, but it's been tough. If you know of any really cute baby bedding sites, especially with bright and fun colors, please hook me up! :)

I guess that's all for now. Adios ya'll! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

She has finally returned...:)

Wow, it's been a while, but I've had fun catching up on all of your blogs over the past week and a half or so! I think I might just have to start rambling to catch you up on all things, so here it goes:

*Chad got to Germany safe and sound. He has a great setup there and has already gotten to go on some really cool missions to neat places like Spain and Africa. Lucky ducky. Though, the communication grid is a bit more challenging in those places and it's been several days since I've talked to him, but I'm hoping for a call sometime tomorrow :). He also got to meet up with some friends that are stationed there and hopes to learn quite a bit about the area from them, just in case we want to move there someday down the road.

*My mom is transforming the room across from mine (in her house) to a nursery for all of the babies on the way in our family. It's going to be great to have a real crib and playroom and setup to look forward to when we (and other family members) come to visit. Since I won't be painting the walls in our current house, she's letting me help out with the design and color scheme and all of those fun things for her room. We have decided to make it unisex so we are using lime greens and all different shades of blue. She found a really cute quilt with a great selection of colors and patterns and we are using it as our main inspiration. It's going to be cute. I will post pictures when it is finally done one day down the road.

*I was gone to Las Vegas this past Thursday through Sunday with my friend Nicole and her sister Kyla and some of their family. It was a short-lived trip at 2.5 days, but we had a great time. We went to see the Cirque de Soleil Ka show at the MGM Grand and the Jubilee show at Bally's for night-time entertainment. The Cirque show was captivating and awesome, but I could absolutely do without seeing the Jubilee show ever again. Lol. Something about men in bejeweled thongs prancing around the stage singing cheesy show-tunes doesn't get me going. Ha. I guess I can definitely say I have been there and done that...and don't care to ever do it again. :)

*The 3 of us ladies actually WON money in Vegas! I got the two of them hooked to my favorite game of Roulette and we had a great time. It's always more fun when you get to walk away from the table a winner and not a loser, though it doesn't happen that way for people (including us) very often. That 2 hours we sat there was fun...and it paid off! :)

*I had a doctor's appointment this past Monday and finally got to hear Baby Sellers' heartbeat on the Doppler. It was strong and healthy sounding, so that's always good! Is it weird for me to say that, even though I have felt crappy and had all kinds of crazy pregnancy symptoms these past 3 months, that this whole baby growing thing is still pretty surreal to me? I guess it might be because until now my tummy has looked and felt like it always has, but things are finally starting to push up and out. It's fun & we are so excited...I guess it's just that Chad & I and our families have talked about it for so long that we can't believe we are really here, making a baby finally. :) Good stuff.

*Supposedly, based on a phone call I got Monday, our condo had another showing. I haven't heard anything back though, so I'm thinking it might have been another no-go. We'll keep our fingers crossed though! :)

*Babe is currently the size of a large orange. Looks like we are headed back to the produce section everybody! :)

*I am still (it's Wednesday & I got home Sunday) trying to recoup the lost hours of sleep that were forfeited in Vegas. I try to sleep in, but my hungry tummy wakes me up. Then I find other things to do. I think tomorrow might call for an afternoon nap of sorts, because dang it, I deserve it. :)

Well, I can't think of much else. Sorry this stuff is only mediocre-ly interesting. :) But, thanks for reading.