Monday, November 12, 2007

Old LadyVille...

Well, I've officially welcomed myself into what I would like to refer to as "Old LadyVille", because now that I'm carrying my weight at the ole' Shipping Point again, I've been pretty worn out! I forgot how much energy and rest it took to stand & lift boxes and what nots all day long! So, I'm in Old LadyVille because I can't stay up much past midnight or else I don't get enough sleep & I'm drained all the next day. It sucks! I don't have near the pizazz I used to, when I was a "youngin'"! haha. Who knows, at this rate, I may be strutting along with a walker next Well, we hope not!

I have to save the wonderful Super Hero party discussion for tomorrow because like I said...I need to go to bed. I must soon start my 3-step "getting ready for bed" process, consisting of a nice face wash, removal of the contacts, and a nice teeth's a ritual :). So, I bid you farewell & a good night. Talk again tomorrow! :)

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