Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kelly 2008...

No matter what anybody says, I am NOT hard to shop for at Christmas. Mom thinks I'm her easiest person to shop for every year because she says I always provide her with a list, plenty long with all of the things I want. It's true. I can always find SOMETHING that I want for myself, I just have trouble remembering what I have found when it comes down to needing to pass on the info. So, because I know how short-memoried (sp?) I am, I've gotten better at writing them down. Here is what I have asked for this Christmas. We'll see what happens:

*A white pea coat such as this one:

*The board game Cranium Wow, cuz it's fun and we love games! :)

*A nice, dressy watch. I haven't had a watch in several years and think it's time to dress up the arm a little, once again.

*A gift certificate to Starbucks always makes me happy. I usually only go there in the winter for a good Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Caramel Apple Cider, or a French-Vanilla Cappuccino. I love walking in there...mmm, mmm, mmm, for the smell of it. Warm, yummy drinks sound good right now!

*Some of the coolest, prettiest, funnest eye shadows out there. It's called Hot Pants. They're expensive, but they last a year each. Seriously, I love them. You can find them too at Thanks sissy KK for getting me hooked!!

*Some kind of cute, funny warm-wear like this hat:

*An iPod dock for my iPod (duh). I don't care if its fancy-schmancy or anything. I just want something to hook up in my bathroom so I can jam out while I'm in the shower and getting ready. It's just not the same when I'm not dancing or singing along. haha.

*And I also asked for cute scarves/gloves for our NY trip. Hopefully I get SOMETHING warm or I may just freeze my lil tooshie off!

*I asked my mommy for my favorite perfume of all time. It's Beautiful Sheer by Estee Lauder. She has gotten it for me since I fell in love with it, which was when I was in high school. It's so great, it's one of those smells where everyone always asks what you're wearing. I like it when I smell that good. :)

I'll stop there cuz I think that list makes me enough of a brat. I don't have to get it all, remember. Those are just the things I threw out there as ideas. I'll let you know how it goes in just 2 short weeks from today! :) Yay for Christmas!

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