Friday, December 19, 2008

Yay ABC...& a kitty?!

The new episode of Private Practice was already available on last night, so I got to catch myself up, which I was very happy about. Also, I was glad to have Michelle win the Biggest Loser the other night! She definitely deserved it & she looked hott. I don't think we have to worry about her putting the weight back on in the future which is good. And now she's $250,000 richer! You go girl!

We went to eat Brick Oven pizza for lunch today. It was mmm, mmm, good. I had a Coke with mine, which always makes pizza even yummier. That delicious Pepperoni & Jalapeno pizza. It's our Friday family specialty. We LOOOOVE Fridays.

I am a doggy-lover and there were some puppies for free in the Wal-Mart parking lot this afternoon. We almost stopped, but decided it's like torture playing with puppies you can't have. They were really cute though. Chad & I would love to get a dog, but our place just isn't fitting for a German Shepherd. So, looks like we'll have to wait. Anyways, the point of telling you that I'm a doggy-lover was to share with you how much Shannon's cat likes me. This is unusual. For one, I'm allergic to cats and have never really liked them. I can take or leave petting one. I will agree that they are cute as kittens, but once they grow up and get their own cat-like personality, I don't really appreciate them as much. Bebe, Shannon's kitty, is LOVING me. I have been scratching her, petting her, and letting her sleep on my lap, which is soooo out of character for me. I guess I just figured that while I'm here alone in the house all day, I might as well befriend someone. And Bebe is now my someone. Haha. She's a sweet cat though. And she loooooves string. It's hilarious. Anyways, for those who know me really well, I figured you would be shocked by my behavior. And there you go...

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I am extremely shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!