Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Box Office Misses Us...

I was sitting here thinking, & came to the realization that it has been MONTHS since we last visited the movie theater. It's kind of weird, cuz we are huge movie-watchers. I guess life has just been a little crazy lately.

Because it's Friday & we often use Friday for 'date night', I was looking into what movies are waiting for us at the theaters this weekend. Chad is a crazed 007 fan, so the Quantum of Solace has been waiting for him since he returned from overseas. I'm surprised it's taken this long for him to try and drag me to see that one. Also, Four Christmases looks like a super-cute movie! I love Vince Vaughn & Reese Witherspoon, so it's definitely gonna be a good one. Marley & Me looks like it's going to be a hoot with that silly puppy dog! Again, Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson are a great pair. And the previews are hilarious. And for another 'stupid' movie (I love those for some reason), we have Role Models. We are also excited about Will Smith's new movie, 7 Pounds. It looks captivating, but it hasn't been released just yet.

Anyways, I'll stop there. I'm sure there are more, but we have to choose ONE for tonight to start. Then we can think about the others. I'll let you know how it goes.

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