Sunday, December 28, 2008

Off to Boston in the morning...

We are officially headed north to Boston tomorrow. We fly out of here at 6:15 am. Whew, that's early!! Which pretty much means Chad & I have some clothes washing & packing up to do tonight. Doesn't look like we'll get much sleep, but we will be happy and in Boston tomorrow which makes us very happy!

I looked on and saw that there is a chance of snow showers in NYC on New Year's Eve. Should be very interesting!! I would LOVE for it to give us a little snow while we're there! That would be like the vanilla icing on our wintery cake. Next time you hear from me, I'll be vacationing in the New England states. Hope everyone has a safe & Happy New Year!

We will party like it's 2-0-0...9! :)

1 comment:

cassandra sagan webb said...

Hey! When do you guys head back this way?

have fun in NYC! :)