Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doc visit & how it went...

I went to the doctor yesterday so they could run the 16-week glucose test to check for gestational diabetes in me and el bebe. Based on the stories I had heard about the nasty drink they make you suck down, I was totally dreading it. It actually turned out to be better than I thought it was going to be. I got a 10-oz bottle of lemon-lime flavored sugar water that I had to swallow in 5 minutes or less. It was VERY sweet, almost like 7-Up without the bubbles, just the syrup. I forced it down and gagged about 3 times, but I miraculously made it through it. An hour later, they took my blood and I got a call this morning that said that all of my lab tests came back normal, so that's refreshing! I also told them to run the Alphabetaprotein and another test that check for spina bifida, neural defects, and something else :)...maybe Down's? Anyways, they were all normal so that kind of good news is always appreciated! :) (Thank you God.)

Doc listened for the heartbeat for a couple of seconds and measured my belly and said everything is right on track and that I'm considered a low-risk pregnancy. I kind of already knew that, but Woo-hoo. :) We were also hoping we could get him to give us our first sonogram sooner than later so we could see the swimming baby and find out the sex.....but we had no such luck. Our first sonogram is going to be on July 8th at 2:00, right before my next exam at 3:00 the same day. It'll be done at 20-weeks and they will check everything from the baby's size and heart rate to its kidney function, etc. I am about to burst at the seams to know what sex this baby is! And now I have to wait 4 more full weeks! UGH!! haha.

So far, the consensus between family and friends is weighted at about 90-10 for a boy over a girl. For some reason, everyone thinks Kelly is a boy haver, haha. I guess it REALLY comes down to what kind of work Chad did, after all, haha. I really have nothing to do with it! It's funny how ridiculously lop-sided the numbers are though. It will definitely be interesting to find out!

We are planning my baby shower for Saturday, July 18th here in San Angelo because I'm going to have some family in from Alaska and it seems like one of the only open weekends left this summer. The only hitch is that my sonogram is a short 10 days before the shower, leaving me with a huge list of people to call and a very speedy registering job to do. Haha. Slightly stressful to think about, but I'll make it work. Speaking of, all you mommas out there PLEASE let me know a short list of your favorite products by brand name (such as bottles, diapers, butt creams :), thermometers, bath tubs, strollers, car seats, EVERYTHING) if you can. It's always good to get suggestions from people who have recently done all of this. Maybe it will help me to not have to find out the hard way that certain diapers create worse rashes and sippy cups that spill more often than not, etc. haha. Any help is appreciated! :)

I have yet to find any boy baby bedding that I really like, besides a really cute airplane theme...but that's a bit typical for a pilot's son, don't ya think? Ha. I'm really trying to find something a little more abstract, but it's been tough. If you know of any really cute baby bedding sites, especially with bright and fun colors, please hook me up! :)

I guess that's all for now. Adios ya'll! :)


Laura said...

johnsons baby wash cloths (they already have soap in them!)--great for when they can't really have a bath because of their umbilical cord or circumcision.

pampers or huggies (we use pampers) the others just seemed to leak!

we used boudreaux butt paste. (especially if you breastfeed...they poop alot!)

we used avent bottles when i did give him a bottle with my milk. i used the first years dual breast pump...worked great!(at target, although i don't see it online---not as expensive as some).

we found our bedding at jcpenney

Shaunna said...

Soothie pacifiers (Not as cute as some of the other paci's, but it's the only kind Addi will take)

We also used Soothie bottles...Easy transition from the soothie paci to the soothie nipple on the bottles.

Some sort of nursing pillow (If you plan to nurse) Some moms don't use them, but it was a definite MUST for me. Addi did lots of eating and sleeping on that silly pillow;] I got mine at Wal-Mart

Pampers/Huggies diapers until she was about 9 months old...Then we started using Luvs...They're a little cheaper, and they work for us!

Dr. Smith's diaper cream or Boudreaux Butt paste work best for us...Addi has had TONS of bad diaper rashes, and we've tried every cream out there...These two seem to be the best!

We also got our bedding at JC Penny, but Baby Super Mall (online) has a lot of cute bedding that is pretty reasonably priced. Here are a few bright color themes I found on their site. Don't really know what you're looking for, but they definitely have lots to choose from...Thought these were cute:]

Hope this helps!! :]

Shaunna said...

Don't think those links to the bedding I just posted worked:(

These are the names of the bright bedding stuff...
-Funky Dotty Blue
-Sweetie Carnival Bloom

Sorry for the bedding overload;]

Heather said...

I agree with laura on the first four, I have the medela pump and style (worth the money if you plan on pumping often). The throw away sippy cups are the only ones I have found that don't leak. Get a comfortable glider/rocking chair (I spent a lot of time in mine when nursing). My speech therapist friend recommends Nuk pacifiers, Boppy pillow (like Shaunna said).
I got a running stroller (it came with a car seat, but we had to buy another one after he turned a year because it was only rear facing) and I love it. Hope this helps.
Get a diaper bag that is easy and comfortable to carry.