Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Fun!

I am so excited about this weekend I could PoP! We leave tomorrow to Lake LBJ in Kingsland to spend the whole weekend with almost the whole Robertson clan! It's going to be crazy fun and we get to spend the whole next 4 days out on the lake, swimming, catching some rays, and eating some good food with great people. Amazingly enough, this is our First Annual Robertson Family Reunion so it's always exciting for new and improved family fun-time! We have 18 individuals staying in one 3 bedroom/2 bath rent house that has a nice, sandy beach and plenty of water in front of it. Anytime we can get all of the Robertsons together, it's a good time. We're a very close-knit group & can't help but feed off of each other when it comes to happy times and laughter. I just can't wait.

I have yet to gather my contributions (like groceries and what nots), pack, pluck my crazy eyebrows, touch up my pretty toenails, and all of those other fun things you have to do before you go on vacation. Luckily, it's going to be very laid back and chill and there will be 3 prego ladies there, so we're all planning to probably duck out halfway through the day to catch a couple zzz's together. Haha. Little prego power naps...ya can't beat 'em! Haha.

This is one of those trips that I have been looking forward to since about March and it's finally here! It's going to be difficult falling asleep tonight for the anxiety and excitement. I guess I should go start getting my checklist of things to do started. I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend! See ya on the flipside! :)

Here is a picture of how crazy we Robertson's can be...hahaha:

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