Friday, June 12, 2009

Funny Hubby...

I laughed the other day when I had Chad on the phone. He called after the doctor's appointment to see how everything went. I immediately told him not to get too excited, because we didn't get to find out the sex just yet. So, he said, "that's okay...just as long as everything else tests out good." Then he went on to ask how 'he' (meaning the babe) was doing. I jokingly said that he better start putting 'she' in his questions and comments every once in a while, in case a boy is what he wants so he doesn't jinx it. He replied, "ohhh, you know I don't really care which one it long as it's healthy". I said, I know...but still. :)

After a couple seconds of silence he said..."I just want to know how many penises I'm going to have to worry about." To which I reply, "what in the world is THAT supposed to mean?!" (me mostly thinking that he's implying there are either multiple children in my tummy or that it's going to be double endowed or something, if you know what I mean ;)). He then replies, "well, if it's a boy, I only have to worry about ONE penis.......if it's a girl, I have to worry about MILLIONS of penises." Hahah.

LOL. I was like...."OOOOHHHHHHH, I get it" and we chuckled on. He's pretty cute....and is ALWAYS thinking. :)

On a more romantic and sappy note, I talked to Chad yesterday and asked him if he was staying in the same 5-star resort they had put him up in in Spain last week...and he was. I went on to say, "ohhh, poor you." :) haha. He then let me realize that it wasn't nearly as cool to be there alone as it would be to have me there. He sees couples walking down the hallway and families coming through the lobby and I think it makes him even more homesick than the regular desert deployments do. This was the analogy he used to explain how staying in that resort alone feels.

"It's like taking the most perfectly cooked rib eye in the world and pouring ketchup all over the top of kind of just ruins it."

I have yet to rant about the fact that that is how us wives feel EVERY deployment. We are out doing fun things to keep our minds off of the fact that we are doing it alone, only to feel even worse that we're having fun without them. It's a crazy and unfair double-edged sword. But, it gets us through. I wanted to say 'thanks' to then follow it up with 'join the club'. Ha. He's my sweetheart though! :) Love him!


Laura said...

what a great husband you have! we need baby bump pics...if you even have one yet!

*All About The Carson's* said...

I agree...put ur belly on here! HAHA..I DID!