Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Texas-bound & lovin' it!

Forgive my lack of posting lately. I feel like all I really have going on is this beautiful growing baby in my belly...and there's only so much I can say or blog about that won't bore you all. Ha.

But, Chad & I found out the best news ever yesterday! As many of you have probably already noticed on Facebook, we found out that we have received official orders to be restationed to Dyess AFB in Abilene! This is so great for us. We have been waiting and hoping to get this news for a couple of months now. It's our #1 pick for location, as my whole family lives right down the road about an hour and 20 minutes away. We also have some fam in Flower Mound which isn't far away either! Not to mention, that just being back in my homeland of Texas (the greatest state there is!) will be so refreshing & happy. Our report no later date is currently February 27th, so we just have a short 4 months left here in NC!

With that wonderfully short timeline, comes a couple more stresses for us. We have had our house listed on the market since late February. So far, we've had the equivalent of about 6 or 7 people that have come to look at it. We get good feedback from people every time it's shown, but we haven't had any biters at all...not even any nibbles. It's pretty frustrating because there are 8 other condos IN OUR COMPLEX ALONE that are either for sale or rent right now. We own this place so it's going to be a huge burden on us if we have to go to Texas still owning it...and trying to find a new house with a new loan all at the same time. Not to mention, our little girl is going to be here in a very short 5 weeks from today...if not sooner. Moving with a 3 month old will definitely be a challenging obstacle, but we're ready to take it on. I have tried my best to not stress over this house thing. We aren't against attempting to rent it out, but that's not a very attractive option either, considering we will be a good 5 states away and unable to monitor what happens here. Please, if you don't mind, think about sticking these little issues into your prayers at night for us. God has worked everything out in mine and Chad's existence just perfectly up until now, and I have full faith that He will continue to do so with this. But it never hurts to have your struggles and worries lifted up by your friends.

So, good news & worrisome news, but overall, the best thing that could possibly happen at this point in our lives! Texas, we're coming home to you! :)


*All About The Carson's* said...

Ya'll will be in our prayers!! How exciting to get to come closer to home! =)

The Kopers said...

Praying for peace no matter what He has for your house situation and YAY for orders!