Monday, October 12, 2009

Sewing Machine...that's what I am!

This past Saturday, I finally gave into my inner-desire to purchase a real-life grown-up woman's sewing machine. It's a Brother LX-3125 Beginner sewster. It is the perfect machine for my skill level, because I have grown up watching my mother sew us bedding, outfits, & costume after costume. It was always so much fun to watch her create something neat out of a square piece of fabric. I've been everything from a genie, a witch, Raggedy Ann, a California raisin, all the way to Wilma Flintstone (and many things in between). She is currently working on Kennady's bedding for her crib & I am so excited about it. Now, I have a whole other appreciation for the hard work she is putting in! Sewing is definitely a trial & error process...especially when you don't have mommy right by your side to instruct you & prevent errors before they are made. I think she will probably leave me with quite a list of "do's & don't's" while she's here in November. It would be nice to not have to pay what Chad & I refer to as 'the stupid tax' when doing some of these projects. It would sure save a lot of time too!

After about 14 good hours of work, I managed to produce my very first product from the Brother LX-3125. Bear in mind that this is my first time to really use a sewing machine in it's entirety all by myself, so my finished piece is not perfect, but it's going to work and function just fine...and it looks pretty. :)

Chad & I were lucky enough to have a family from our squadron GIVE us their baby swing & bassinet for FREE. They are done building their family, so they didn't have any more use for them, so we gladly accepted their offering. I'm not a huge fan of Pooh & Friends (plus a few milk stains), so I decided that I would re-make the seat cover for the swing. My next project will be to re-make the dust ruffle & sheets for the bassinet. It's also going to be a challenging one, but fun. Plus, I judgmental can a baby really be about how good my construction is? haha. I'm sure Kenna will be take it pretty easy on me. ;)

Follow this link to see the BEFORE & AFTER pics of Kenna's swing & to see the awesome machine that made it all happen!

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