Thursday, August 25, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Bash

Hello All!
  I am happy to report that my hubby's surprise Angry Bird birthday party went off without a hitch! My family came into town & we had a lot of friends attend & it couldn't have been better. I think he really enjoyed himself and was very appreciative that everyone worked hard to gather for his birthday. He has been deployed for the summers of '08, '09, & '10 & was temporary duty in AR this whole summer, so needless to say, it's been AWHILE since he has been able to celebrate his birthday in style like the rest of us have. Later he told me that it's been since his 18th birthday that he's had a real party. Kinda sad considering he's a very young (hehe) 34 already!

I really worked hard on decorations for this party. I chose the Angry Bird theme since he has loves playing it & it's so 'in' right now. My birds, in my opinion, turned out so.darn.cute. I chose to mix two different methods that I found online to make them. I took inspiration from Martha Stewart's PomPoms & used the printable Angry Birds faces template found at The Party Animal.

For the cupcake toppers & bottoms, I used the free printable found on Your LifEvents. So awesome how these turned out & using them saved me time on making a fancier cake. I mean, who doesn't love a cupcake, after all?!

Here are my lovely angry pompom birds:

The Green Pig:

Blue Bird:

White Bird:

Red Bird:

Black & Yellow Birds:

My little lady enjoying her newest tissue paper friends post-party. She thought they were so funny!

A little extra decoration...made of wrapped curtain rod boxes & jute:

My birthday boy hubby in front of my homemade banner:

I made this banner with cardstock, curvy scissors, jute, a glue stick, printed letters from Word, & the Angry Bird prints found on a 'how to draw' Angry Birds website. 
I took the picture before straightening the letters out...silly me. :)

An easy front door box & balloon decoration:

Me & the man in front of his banner:

 The 'spread' sponsored by the yellow bird: 

One more added craft that I thought of one day in the shower...don't act like some of your best ideas don't come to you while you're washing your hair, ha. I created this print in Word, printed it & framed it for the viewing pleasure of my guests. I thought it was a cute play on words. :)

It was a great party & the Angry Birds brought so much personality to the evening. I got him the t-shirt for $10 at JCPenney & he said he was going to wear it to bed that night. Ha. Great times, fun crafts, good theme parties. Gotta love it!

Happy Birthday hubs! :)

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Crystal said...

Was a great party! You did awesome on the decorations too!

Mrs Kirbie said...

I absolutely ADORE your pom-poms. Do you have any instructions for how you made them?

Kelly Sellers said...

no special instructions...for the most part i just followed martha stewarts tutorial but for the triangular shaped ones, i just moved the wire up about 2/3 of the way instead of 1/2 way and they turned out perfect! besides that, all was super easy. :) thanks for your comment!

Jocelyn said...

Those are the cutest pom poms! I pinned it. My youngest son is having an angry birds bday party at the end of the month and these will be perfect! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Jamie said...

That. Is. Genius. -jamie @