Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fence Me In (why don't ya?!)

We have BIG plans around here, people. BIG PLANS! These plans include the addition of all things YARDY. Yes, I made that word up because I couldn't think of anything better. We have been living in our new house since April of 2010. So after doing some math, you may see that we have been here for a great 15 months. As a result of deployments, TDY's, & the challenge of saving money, we have chosen to wait until now to improve our newly built home, more specifically the yard & fence. What I didn't realize until now is the process of events that has to happen in a specific order for it all to 'come together' just right. So, if you wonder what we've been up to since the party a couple of weekends ago, this is what we've been doing.

We live on an acre which is 43,560 square feet to be exact. That's a lot of space, ya'll. We have staked out the corners, done the math, calculated materials & have them scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. We've picked out 3 lovely Cedar Elm trees from a tree farm down the road & are so excited about getting them put in. The Dig Tess (not a typo) people have been called and scheduled to come mark our cable, water, & utility lines to prevent any digging problems. My family is coming in this Thursday evening to spend the Labor Day weekend with us doing true, manly labor by building our fence. Luckily, we have an agreement to pay them in beer & food, so we are saving a bundle & everyone is still happy with us (thanks fam!)! We then had to get the dirt guy in line to build the yard up & potentially erect a retaining wall for us across the front of our house right before our waterway(ditch) begins. On top of that, we have the irrigation guy in line to hook us up with some organized water squirters (yay for extremely high water bills!!). So, to sum all of that up, we have:

*Dig Tess coming between now & Thurs. at noon.
*Trees delivered & planted Thursday afternoon.
*Family arriving Thursday evening & working through Monday to build a fence.
*Dirt dumped and spread on Friday.
*Irrigation & retaining wall installation next Tuesday.
*Grass seed blown in during the coming weeks.

Can we say, INSANE?! (and EXPENSIVE?!)
My goodness, this stuff has already drained me just thinking about it and it really hasn't even started yet. It will feel so great to have it all done & to see the finished product in just a week from now! We can't wait and I will definitely be posting pictures as the process takes place.

When we moved in, there were already two Live Oak trees planted in the front yard. Unfortunately they ended up dying (super sucks) and they have been 'deadly decorating' our front landscape ever since. I am happy to say that they have officially been chopped down (as of yesterday) & I have all kinds of fun project ideas that I plan on using the trees & pieces for. I will keep you updated with those as I eventually get them done. It's awesome to be able to make something out of nothing, right?! Wish us luck!

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