Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Over to GA...

Well, in the past week or so, we have found a lot to be a part of. My friend Cassandra celebrated her birthday on the 4th, so on Saturday night, we had a cookout, dessert, & awesome hangout time with friends. All of us 'oldies' with babies stayed up talking until midnight (that's late to still be out and about) after we all got our kiddos to sleep in pack'n plays. It was a night of great conversation & stuffing our faces; can't be mad about that. :)

Sunday rolled around & we slept in until 10:15...AWESOME Kennady, good work! :) It was a much-needed night of rest. We relaxed during the day and found ourselves at a friend of a friend's house for an early 4th of July celebration. They had briskets, burgers, hot dogs, & FIREWORKS GALORE. $1200 worth of firework fun, to be exact. It was quite the show, though we were ready to hang ourselves while the roll of 1000 firecrackers took 5 non-stop CRACKING minutes to pop off. Sounded like the machine guns from The Godfather. It was great hanging out & surviving the heat with the crew again though. What a great firework show too!

Yesterday, the real July 4th, was a completely lazy day for us. We didn't get out of our pajamas until 6pm when we decided to go swimming downstairs. Ha. Don't judge us. Ridiculous, I know, but we had a busy weekend. ;) They also offered us ice cream & warm M&M cookies downstairs in celebration, so we had ourselves some yummy dessert after swimming. Kennady was a huge fan.

The other day I learned how to shir using material and my sewing machine. I made Kennady a high-waisted skirt & accidentally made myself a shirt as I (too late) realized that I had mis-cut my material. I have never really thought about making myself clothes, but maybe that would be fun someday. It's way easier and more fun to make them in small sizes for Kennady, but the occasional piece might be nice. Or sometimes I could just rely on my occasional stupidity to give myself something new to wear. That seemed to work this time. Ha.

Tomorrow, Kennady & I are hopping in the car and pointing our vehicle towards Georgia. Chad's cousin Travis is getting married Friday night, so we are going to join in on the festivities. Unfortunately, Chad is stuck staying here as they scheduled him for something on Friday & left us going without him. I considered not going at all, but we have promised his family for months that they would get to see Kennady at the wedding, & because a couple of them haven't seen her since Christmas, I deemed it a necessity that they see her NOW. So much happens between months 12 & 19. She is a little human now that speaks words, makes small sentences, dances, runs, talks non-stop, giggles, sings, throws tantrums & all kinds of fun things. They need to see this & get to love on her too, so we're headed that way until probably Saturday. It should be a lot of fun seeing as how we will get to be a part of the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, & wedding. I am sure to have pictures galore when we return. I will try my best to keep you updated while I am there, too.

Well, that's all for now. Hope your 4th of July was spent with friends & family & that we all remember that freedom doesn't come free. Thank you to all of the military members & people who have given all that they could give for our rights to be had and may God continue to bless the U.S.A.!

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