Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mickey Mouse, please!

Last night my hubby spoke to his parents (who haven't seen Kennady in person since Christmas when unfortunately she was sick) & they all came to the realization that the 3 of us probably wouldn't be able to get to Florida until late August (because of Chad's upcoming J-school training in AR). So, after a quick phone conversation to see when they were available & a little bit of logistics talk, I bought a ticket for Kennady & I to visit Nana & Pop-Pop in Orlando this coming week. Chad will be with his brother in Las Vegas to celebrate Chris' college graduation & Chad's upcoming Master's graduation, so we will be playing with Mickey Mouse while hubs is gambling our savings away (jk...he better not!! :)).

Soooo, now I must wrap my brain around the idea of a crazy Warrior Dash weekend directly followed by a 6-day trip to the beautiful and fun state of Florida. I'm not gonna lie & say that I'm not nervous to tackle traveling with a 16-month-old by myself. All she wants to do these days is go (run) in every direction she's not supposed to. Keeping up with her while keeping up with a stroller & carry-on bags, etc. is already zapping me of energy just thinking about it & we are still 3 days from flying. Ha. My anxiety is so high that while at Wal-Mart today, I actually (for a very quick second) considered purchasing a leash for my child. You know, one of those leashes that they creatively mask with a soft & fluffy monkey or dog. They only add the plush animal so that the parents that buy them feel like they aren't treating their children like pets. I have seen children at the zoo with them on & they were being laughed at by other kids behind them. It was sad. Anyways, I didn't buy one, but I have to admit, the idea of her being 'attached' to me did make me feel a slight bit of relief.

Then, I snapped out of it & decided I'm a good enough parent to manage it all & control my baby at the same time. Please pray that we have safe & uneventful travels...& that she's a well-behaved little lady. Flights with a child on your lap are always challenging., so please, wish me luck!


The Kopers said...

You'll do great and so will she! She can stay in her stroller all the way down the terminal and they'll take it and give it back to you at the door to the plane. That's what we've always done. Have a blast and we'll see you when you're home again!

Maddalena said...