Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Eventful' is an Understatement

Whew!! What a whirlwind of events that have gone down in the past 2 weeks! We have been going-going-going since I last posted & we have had so much fun!

The first weekend, we were in Fort Worth in prep for the Warrior Dash. We had a group of 11 people competing together which was comprised of 9 girls and 2 boys. We all had a blast dressing up in our 80's garb & decided to start and complete the course as one unit, so it was a really good time. The Dash wasn't exactly what I had expected & was definitely not as intimidating as I had made it out to be, but it was really fun challenging myself with some new physical obstacles that I had never done before. Don't get me wrong, it was still challenging in it's own little ways, but I really didn't have any trouble getting through it. Maybe that says something for my hidden abilities to 'just get through it', because we all know I didn't train a lick for this thing (or that half-marathon we somehow survived). We got all kinds of dirty & smelled a little funny when we got back to the hotel, but it was a blast. We finished in 50 minutes, which isn't by any means a 'competitive time', but we enjoyed ourselves as we stuck together, went through the obstacles all together, & sang 80's jams at the top of our lungs while we ran. Some pretty awesome pics were taken, but I have yet to post them. Apologies. :)

From there, Kennady & I left for Orlando on Sunday & had a stinkin' blast with Nana & Pop-Pop. We did everything from playing at the park, to going to Downtown Disney, eating at a wine bar, petting puppies, swimming in their pool, & best of all, spending a whole day at the beautiful beach of St. Petersburg. It was too much fun. Kennady LOVED the waves & playing in the sand. Her biggest focus was attempting to push her new rainbow stroller into the ocean. She never made it all of the way because we stopped her, but she sure tried over and over and over. More precious pics can be seen here. We were there until Friday when we flew back & met up with Chad in Dallas.

From Dallas, we drove to San Angelo by way of Abilene to pick up a few Easter weekend essentials we had left behind. We spent the weekend with my family, playing Joker (our latest favorite family board game) & pitching washers, & celebrating Easter in full traditional style. We colored boiled eggs & dyed them hot pink, made Rice Krispie treats with M&M's, had an Easter picnic at the park, & found eggs in our Easter basket that the bunny left at the back door of Mimi & Paw-Paw's house. She had a blast and was really good at finding and shaking the eggs (to make sure there was something in it worth having, lol). Church was really good Sunday morning & Kennady actually behaved herself enough to remain in the sanctuary the whole time. I also found out that one of my best friends & her husband (whom I 'set up' some 5 years ago) are pregnant & I am so happy for them! Very. Good. Day.

Saturday night I said 'Happy Jesus' Resurrection Day' to my sister to which she quickly responded..."Thank God He Did!!" I know it's a cheesy joke & we were probably delirious as it was about 1:00am, but we thought it was HILARIOUS. I'll leave you with that & the statement that Our God is an Awesome God. Happy belated Easter everyone!

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