Monday, May 9, 2011

Word Vomit & Moose-heads

My goodness...where to start?! I guess we will begin with 'we have been busy', again. I promise I don't skip out on blogging because I don't care about ya'll, it's just that I'm lazy & tired & busy. Sometimes it's just more fun to just sit back & watch t.v. while holding your hubby's hand. We all know holding hands is hard while your typing, and if you haven't ever tried it, well, there's a lot of logistics & wrong letter-hitting that goes into it. On another note...

Hubs, K-bug, & I are all temporarily relocated to the Natural State. And if you're no longer familiar with useless 5th grade U.S. trivia, we're in Arkansas. We have rented a home from a single man who is in the Air Force & who came to AR from a tour in Alaska. He lives in a log cabin house which he calls the Moose Lodge & has filled it to the brim with dead-animal memorabilia of many different types. He has stuffed/mounted ducks, a HUGE moose-head, 3 bear skins & even duck wishbones hanging from his chandelier...OVER THE KITCHEN TABLE. Gross, much?! Well, the house is truly beautiful in it's own way. Not to say that a woman's touch wouldn't be accepted and appreciated. It is made of solid wood, has a wrap-around porch, 2 sweet Golden Retrievers (Aly & Rusty), & a very natural setting where we are surrounded by woods & cozily set back from the road & all other civilization. We have made ourselves pretty comfortable here & Kennady is LOVING the puppies. She barks ('ruf-ruf') regularly and randomly thoughout the day. While we have been here, we have played outside, gone to the park, gone to church, eaten sno-cones (K loves her Ice ('Ishe')), & gone shopping. It's been fun so far, but we have been told to visit the fresh market on the river & to visit The Wonder Place for kiddos before we leave, so we'll definitely have to find some time to fit those in.

And just to throw things off, I'm going to bullet the rest of this post:
*I have decided to focus on getting fit for summer so I ran on Saturday & did an Insanity workout today....I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a 'sore' day. But it felt good to get my butt off of the couch.
* I also laid out today in hopes of gaining a little bit of color in all of my extremities. My stomach & legs always have the hardest time getting tan, so I'm going to try my best to at least achieve a basic tan before the real summer hits. We'll see how that goes.
* There is a HUGE moose head dangling over my own head right now...kinda freaks me out a bit. Maybe I'll shift to the right on the couch just in case his 400 pound head decides to drop.
* Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there. Your stories & experiences as mothers has helped me many a time as we all go through very similar things & often need each other's help. You are all so good at being a mother and I hope your day was made special.
* Chad bought me a real Coach purse when he was in Las Vegas with his brother. I was really appreciative, but ended up sending it back for a couple of reasons. 1. It was the newest seasonal pink flowery one & I felt its design was a bit limiting for use. 2. I only carry fake ones so that I don't feel bad when I get it dirty, spill K's drink in it, let a yogurt raisin melt in the bottom of it, etc. 3. I never go anywhere or do anything WITHOUT Kennady, so there weren't many instances in which I thought I would get much use out of it. 4. I would never carry a real one with little miss sticky fingers/miss tear things up around. It would be a wasted investment in 3.0 seconds if she got a hold of it. 5. I want to use the money he spent to buy something I've wanted for a while now...a new camera. A nice that captures things in motion & presents things in their true beauty. Any suggestions, throw 'em at me! And that's it for my 'for 3 very short days, I owned a real Coach purse' story. The end.
* In the past couple of nights, Chad & I have taken advantage of an early 'ny=ny' time for Kennady and have capitalized on it with cuddle-on-the-couch with a Redbox movie time. We saw Black Swan (kinda freaky, but interesting), Love & Other Drugs (cute love story, but lots of Anne Hathaway nakedness), & Casino Jack (which we barely got a 3rd of the way through before we returned it). It's been fun. Gotta love those $1 a night rentals...unless you're like us & drag it out for 4 or 5 days...but hey, they have to make their money off of somebody right?! Let it be us, I guess.
* It's bedtime. :) Ny- Ny.


Family of Three said...

Hey here is my suggestion on a camera...I have a Nikon Coolpix camera with a zoom lense. I love it and it's easy to use. It's captures Addi pretty good I must say! =) coolpix&cp=1&lp=1

The Kopers said...

we have a nikon d5000 and it's SO nice that i never take it anywhere because i'm afraid of dropping it or getting it dirty so i hardly use it. so my only advice on the camera thing is don't go too nice or it'll be the coach bag story all over again!
i'm glad you plan to go to wonderplace, k will love it.
great update - i enjoyed it!