Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is my 'goal picture' for this summer. This picture was taken in the Spring of 2005 at a 70's theme party in college (so much fun, by the way). When I'm working out or thinking back to my 'feelin' hot' days, I think of this picture. Rock hard abs, a slight tan, & a young & confident spirit to go with it. Those were the days that I would love to see again. And yes, MAYBE I was sucking in and flexing at the same time in this picture...but there's no reason to judge me. :) I guess I'll go continue to daydream my abdominals back into shape...Adios.


clw said...

I'm right there with ya. Let's look like we did in 2004, k? Should be easy enough...LOL.

Kasey Gonzales said...

You do look GREAT there! (But you still do!!). I've SO been thinking back to MY days when I felt "hotter" and hoping to get back to it before summer...I even have certain photos that come to mind =) (And I get what you're saying about the spirit to go with it).