Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Technology Age

Most often, I leave my laptop closed, up high on a shelf, or completely put away to prevent little miss button pusher from messing things up. Tonight though, I decided to leave my laptop open and at the little monkey's level, sit back, & see what she would do. I noticed when she realized that it was available to her & it was like a huge beacon of happiness for her as she approached it. As she made her way over to it, she kept looking over her shoulder back at me to see if I was going to stop her. She always does that when she knows she's about to do something she's not supposed to. I just looked away and let her go at it. The following is the list of what was open and occurring on my computer when I returned to it:
- She had opened a Toolbar Google Search, a POP-UP option that I never knew existed.
- She successfully opened the Excel program (which anyone who knows me and my husband well knows that I HATE Excel & my hubby is the spreadsheet ringleader of this family operation); so I'm guessing she's going to be more like her daddy in that respect.
- Blogger had been set up by her to do a new post, but she never landed her cursor in the text box to get her writing on or I would be sharing her words of wisdom with you right now.
- When I logged back on, the Internet websites had been blown up to reflect at 1000%, so the fonts were at about 150 point, which made it completely impossible to see anything but a couple of letters per page. It took me a second to get that one fixed, because well, I had never used the magnifying glass located at the bottom right corner of my computer screen & frankly didn't even know it existed. Go ahead & check yours out. It'll be a great tool for me when I'm old and can't see the writing on the screen.

So, what I learned from my baby-on-computer experience tonight was that just in case technology really is born into children these days, I better not allow her any more free reign or if I do, I may never get my computer back to how it's supposed to be. She had a good time 'breaking mommy's law' though, so yay for her. :)

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Bryan & Chelsey said...

Hey! I didn't know about that magnifying glass either! That's awesome! Thanks for the tip! ;)