Monday, March 21, 2011

Shooting Bullets

Oh, how I love to default to the trusty old bullets. It seems I have let another 5 weeks pass since the last post, so for the 4 of you (ha) that actually keep up with my very occasional nonsense, here is a quick catch-up of what we've been up to:

*I took Kennady to the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo again this year & it was a lot of fun. My mom & I made her an outfit that was precious on her, as you can imagine (which you're going to have to, because I'm too lazy to upload pictures...sorry, ha!). She enjoyed petting the goats in the showroom & walked her little boots off before we went into the arena. During the rodeo, she was across the laps of myself, my sister, my mother, & my niece the whole time...back and forth, back and forth. After a little bit of cotton candy (I know, that's ridiculous), totally annoying the people both in front & in back of us, & the funky bull-riding music she liked to dance to, she was WORN OUT! That didn't keep the crazy lady from staying up another hour and a half when we got home...sometimes I wonder where these little ones get their endless energy (and would love to tap into that if I could!).

*We trekked up to Arkansas to visit the hubby while he is at Instructor School. There, we were fortunate enough to visit our great friends, the Webb's, & their sweet & beautiful new addition, Vivian. We went swimming at the extended stay hotel & had a blast riding up and down the elevators everyday (Kennady's favorite things). The only reason we left was because:

*My brother & sister-in-law had their first baby two Wednesdays ago! Our family was so excited to welcome a new baby girl, Liv Jett, to the world! She is wonderful, healthy, & such a sweetie. I was lucky enough to spend about 10 days with them, so my baby fix has been temporarily fulfilled! I LOVE ME SOME BABIES! And I am so excited to be an aunt again! :)

*Within this past week, I have managed to wean Kennady from the bottle...well, let me clarify...the nipple. Ha. I have been worried for a couple of months about the process of weaning my baby girl from her most precious & beloved bottle (ya'll realize that was her second word after 'Mama' & it has been her absolute favorite since), & finally decided that it was time to attack the issue while I was around my family & had excessive backup for distraction during her fits. Amazingly, she handled the transition very well because of a fabulous suggestion made by our friend Leah at Keeping up with the Kopers. She had suggested a bottle that was designed with interchangeable suckers, one being a nipple & the other a sippy-cup 'nipple' so that you can slowly switch between the two and hope they don't notice. ha. Well, she noticed, but she finally realized the sippy-nipple was the only one she was going to get anymore & eventually got over it. Just when things were going so well and we were about 6 days into the process, we were at the mall where another sweet baby had its bottle & was drinking it proudly while laying back in his stroller...she quickly started to bolt over to the little boy in her Runing Frankenstein sort of way while yelling 'bottle, bottle' just as I caught her and quickly apologized to the parents for my child's unannounced attack on their beloved. It was quite a sight. Yay for my stress being relieved though. (Sorry for the excessive 'nippling'...oops, there I go again.)

*I finally did some blog-remodeling tonight...thank goodness, right? That whole uncentered picture without words & mismatched everything was driving me nuts. With a new background, changed fonts & text colors, & a new and improved blog-name, I think we are good to go for a while. I decided to shorten the name from 'Drench Yourself in Words Unspoken' to 'The Unwritten' to save your eyes & my fingers some, you're welcome! :) Also, it's a more grown-up version of this blog because well, I am all of 26 and that's almost ancient...HA...Just kidding. But seriously, it's a classier name. :) A couple of weeks ago, I had made a couple of changes in attempt to update my pictures & change the background that I was getting oh-so-tired of, only to end up with a mess that I couldn't figure out how to undo. I used to use scrapblog to create the cute background scrapbook pages with pictures, etc, until I couldn't remember what order to do what & my computer wouldn't save my scrap as a jpeg (or if it did, I couldn't find it) I gave up & made the 4 readers of mine (by the way, I appreciate your time) live with it all jumbled up and crazy for 2 or 3 weeks. Did you know I deleted 5 widgets that weren't even doing anything?! Oh, you don't care??...I should have known...

Well, on that note, consider yourselves all caught up...or at least partially. :)


Bryan & Chelsey said...

I love the update and the new look! Very pretty! :)

Family of Three said...

So glad to hear I'm not the only momma going through the bottle "diappearing" act! Addi has been off the daytime bottle since she was 1 but we put off getting rid of the "nigh time" bottle until we absolutley had too because i knew it'd be a nightmare in itself. the 1st time I attempted it, was the same night as "time change!" BADDDD decision! So, we let her get adjusted to that for about a week and we just started 2 nights ago with no bottle and it's been actualy pretty peaceful!