Thursday, March 24, 2011

Parrots & Sponges

For Halloween this past fall, we dressed Kennady up as a parrot & carried her around dressed as her pirate parents. It was super-cute & she was such a trooper (seeing as how she was sick through that holiday). And how EXTREMELY fitting that Parrot costume is right now at 15 1/2 months! Kennady is copying, quoting, peeping, & attempting any and every word we throw at her (and that she overhears). I have never seen a baby that picks up words and their meanings so quickly & actually remembers them for the coming days. Yes, I do quiz her on a daily basis, but she really is amazing at rhetoric. I know I'm her mother & of course I'm going to brag on her, but seriously, she amazes me more and more everyday. Maybe it's a product of all that fish oil I took during pregnancy...or maybe she just gets it from genetics...yea, that's what it is! It's gotta be. :)

We are to the point where what we say COULD get us into trouble, so there's a lot of word watching going on around these parts (not that we speak inappropriately on a regular basis or anything, but even words like 'crap' of 'hate' could be picked up by this little sponge). It makes having friends & family in the same room as her a very interesting time when she's really paying attention. I have realized that I definitely have a talker on my hands. She grabs the attention of anyone around her with her 'hi's', 'byes", kiss-blowing, & smiles. What a handful she can be, but she definitely spreads joy to the world (and her parents), and for that, I am most grateful.

Also, have I told you how crunk she is? We have managed to teach her to shake her booty, drop it like it's hot (bending her knees while dancing), to do 'knuckles', and to throw her own personal gang sign which we call the 'snow flurry'. We have one very troublesome future coming to us...ha. But she is so precious that teaching her the tricks is so totally worth it! I'll try my best to get a great video of her doing her 'tricks' to's priceless.

I'm headed to bed for the night & just realized it's 12:25am and my bed sheets are in the dryer...GRIPES! :(

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