Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few things we LOVE

In the spirit of Valentine's Day (or just because I thought it would be nice to share with you), I have chosen a couple of things that Chad & I have really fallen in love with since Christmas. These are a collection of things both bought for ourselves & given to us from others.

The first, was a birthday present from me to Chad. This is what it was:
It's a Cuisinart 1/2 quart Ice Cream & Yogurt Maker that has changed every philosophy we have ever had about ice cream. We are definitely ice cream lovers, my husband even more so than me. The process is so easy & it only takes 20 minutes for the machine to make a 1/2 quart. After a couple hours of additional freezing, you can enjoy some of the yummiest, creamiest, most delicious ice cream you've ever had. We have been very happy with this purchase. So much so that we are giving one to our good friends for a wedding gift & gave my bro-in-law one for Christmas. Because come on, who doesn't love some good ice cream, right?! This product could be yours for only $60 at the nearest Williams-Sonoma. I think this was the best gift I've ever surprised Chad with. He may have been slightly skeptical at first, but he is obsessed now.

The next thing on our list is:

Chad finally SOLD me on getting a MacBook Pro when he told me how cool the photo & video storage and editing software was. His other laptop died during one of his deployments so getting a new computer was a must. We have really enjoyed the capabilities of the MacBook, though I am still learning a couple of the differences between it and my PC. One day (hopefully soon), I can have my own MacBook. Good purchase for sure!

Now, ladies...if you are active & have yet to discover the sports bra from heaven (notice the 5 stars, haha), then here it is:

Made by Under Armour, this bra is sooooo good. I got one for Christmas from my mom. My best friend, Elya, is the one that discovered it initially, right before we ran our Marathon Relay. She raved about how well it held the ladies in & how it takes away the 'bounce' that happens when running & exercising. It's AWESOME. If you work out regularly, then the $50 hit doesn't hurt as bad...I'm telling you...coming from a woman with D boobs, you'll be impressed. They can be found at Academy for $45, I believe...which saving money is always better.

The last thing on my list is the gift I received from Elya & her hubby John for Christmas. It was a year subscription to:

There are so many fun and creative projects & inspirations in the RealSimple magazine. It also has a lot of fun products to buy that are perfect for entertaining & making parties even better. If you haven't ever spent time with this magazine, you should snatch one up at the store & check it out. I've never been given a subscription to a magazine as a gift, but it's a really cool idea! I can't wait to pick a couple of spring & summer projects to fill my time!

Well, that's where my list ends. Share with me a few of your favorite things! :)

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The Kopers said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I've been wanting an ice cream maker but my sister has one and we didn't really like it - now I know which one to get!