Thursday, March 24, 2011


I always think that hearing other people's pet peeves is fun, because most of the time I have the same or similar ones. These are just a few that I thought about yesterday & today that drive me bonkers (<--insert Aussie accent here :) :

1. How when I use Pine Sol to clean the bathroom it always makes me have the sniffles. Out of nowhere my nose starts running & that is so annoying. It has always done that to my mom, too. Weird.
2. When hubby leaves the toothpaste on the bathroom counter with no cap on it. Ugh.
3. Weeds & how they grow naturally...can you tell that spring has hit? lawn can.
4. How ridiculously SLLOOOWWW my Dell laptop is on an everyday basis. Using Chad's Mac in comparison to this Dell is the difference of a roadrunner and an inchworm...patience-testing & once again, RIDICULOUS is what this computer is.
5. That the first 3 singers last night on my DVR playback of American Idol were all jacked up with echoey words & mouths moving behind the sound. I could jump through the tv when that happens. Grrr...
6. TV & radio commercials...thank God for DVR & iPods. (ironic that I have a Marketing Degree & said this? Ha.)
7. That outdoor malls have pull-only doors when walking in from the that I have a stroller & a child constantly refusing to keep her hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times, these are sooo annoying. I know it's for fire safety, but still...
8. When other people, especially complete strangers, suggest to me how to raise my child...I'm obviously doing fine on my own or else she wouldn't be alive and happy right now. I would appreciate if you kept your ridiculous thoughts and advice to yourself or share with someone who really DOES need the help (like maybe the parents of the 3+ year olds with pacifiers or those who allow their children to walk through the grocery store without shoes...gross!) My baby doesn't get her independence from just anybody, that's right. :) (By the way, I totally appreciate the advice & words of wisdom from you ladies...I am often desperate for it! Just had to clarify.)
9. How cut flowers die so quickly. Something so beautiful shouldn't have to wilt and lose life so fast. I still love them though.
10. Dust & how quickly it settles. Nothing worse than dusting and 20 minutes later seeing more dust. To a housewife, that is frustrating. Ha.

Ok, I think 10 is enough. I would LOVE to hear some of yours. Have fun and hit me with them! :)

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