Monday, February 7, 2011

Date Night- What, What!

I have one of the bestest besties in the world & her and her husband gave Chad & I a gift when he returned from his last deployment (in October). This gift is something that two young and new parents don't get very often...and that is a nice, relaxing dinner at a yummy restaurant where we don't have to worry about high chairs (& babies climbing out of them), or Cheerios & other small pieces of food being thrown about (leaving an embarrassing mess surrounding said high chair), or disrupting the 'nice and relaxing' dinner that our table neighbors are TRYING to enjoy (but are having trouble because the loud baby next door wants to say 'hi' to them 14 million times)...Tonight will be different, my friends. They gave us a gift card for dinner at Outback & also a gift card to the best movie theatre in town. When was the last time we got to go see a movie in theatre you might ask?? "I can't even remember" would be the answer to that one. So, in other words, we are very thankful to our friends who have provided a night of fun, freedom, & relaxed hubby-wifey time (which is much-needed since Chad will be gone for Valentine's Day & a while after that). Whew! We're excited. Oh yea, I forgot to mention they're giving us free & trustworthy childcare....Saints is what they are, I tell ya!!!...:) Now, I have to go figure out which chick flick I'm going to coax Chad into watching tonight! Woo-hoo! :)

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