Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Operation: No More Paci

Well, my title gives it all away. I have decided to break my young lady from her obsession and need for what I have always referred to as her "best friend". I have never liked any of the nicknames for pacifiers that are out there, so that's what I chose. We are so thankful that she has even taken one up to this point, especially with the 4 flights we have been on and the really long road trips that wouldn't have been near as successful as they were had we not had the support and lovability of the pacifier to get us through them. I'm not trying to break her cold turkey, but I am hoping to be able to do it in a rather short amount of time. So far, she has gone almost 24 hours without needing or asking for it (though I thought her crying stint before her nap was for the paci, so I tried it and that still didn't do the trick...turns out she wanted some milk...who knew!? :) ha.) She then still didn't take it after her bottle like she usually does and still had no trouble falling right to sleep. I think initially, if she 'asks' for it, I'm going to allow her her buddy to nap with. Then, hopefully we will get to where we just don't need or want it anymore. Though, I'm a little nervous that she will attempt thievery when she's at Mom's Day Out, but hopefully not. :) I'll have it in her bag for the sake of the caretakers just in case she decides to get handy.

Speaking of, our first experience of Mom's Day Out was yesterday and she did SOOOO well. There are 8 kids in her class, the Puppies. :) Five are boys and 3 are girls. They each have their own high chair and crib and the two very experienced ladies that take care of them are sooo sweet. They have activities and lunch, diapertime, storytime, and most importantly, naptime. She was happily playing on the floor with the other kiddos when I walked up and when she saw me, her face totally lit up. It was so sweet. I got a lot done while she was gone and when she goes tomorrow, I'm going to treat myself to some coffee with the other wives, maybe a mani/pedi, and lunch to say farewell to some of the wives that are about to PCS. It should be fun!

Well, that's all for now! Be back soon, I hope! :)

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Shaunna said...

I'm pretty sure Addi would still have her paci (That's what we called it too!) if she hadn't of had her "two front teeth boo-boo." We had limited it to bed time only, but good grief-- The girl LOVED that thing! Having her dentist tell her she couldn't use pacis anymore so her boo-boo would get better was the ONLY way we were able to get rid of it. And she will still randomly say, "Doc Poorman says no more pacis, right Mommy?" It should be interesting to see how she reacts when she sees the new baby with a paci--- Hopefully she won't try to steal for herself-lol! And I am TOTALLY jealous of your MDO- Sure wish Coleman had something like that for Addi- One day a week would be so nice!!