Thursday, September 2, 2010

The itch to write...

Well, ya'll all gave me the itch to post something, even though it doesn't have much direction or much of a point. Here is our plan for the next couple of days:
* Pick up my new (used) jogging stroller from the bike shop since they had to patch up one of the tires before I could use it.
*Get my run on at the gym and participate in Body Pump with a friend.
*Meet the teacher for Kennady's Mom's Day Out is tomorrow evening at the church and I am excited to see what it's going to be like for her while she's having fun, giving mommy a little chunk of time to get a couple of things done during the week.
*Football season officially kicks off tomorrow night and we will be at a friend's house watching the SEC and the Gamecocks get off to a great start against Mississippi State! Go Gamecocks!
*This weekend, we are headed to SA-town to spend time with the family over the long holiday weekend and in the meantime, will be celebrating the 30th birthday of my oldest nephew (I know, sounds crazy) by eating dinner at Cheddar's and singing karaoke at W&T's. It should be a really good time!
*My brother just recently got signed on to the SAFD and I am so proud of him! This is very exciting news for him and his wife who are expecting their first child in March!! Talk about having your life enriched from many angles at the same time! We are so proud of you Adam!
*I am so happy to be able to say that my hubby will be joining us again in just a short 7 weeks! We can do anything for 7 weeks, right?!
*Yesterday was another 'welcome to mommyhood' first when Kennady starting tooting in the bathtub while she was playing. Mommy thought it was hilarious, so I grabbed the camera like any other mom would do. As I was filming, I saw things go from playful toots to 'oh no, you better not push young lady' very quickly...too quickly actually, and because I was so entertained by her popping performance, I was rewarded with poop in the tub. And yes, I got the WHOLE thing on film. Daddy happened to call right after all of this drama took place and couldn't help but laugh his head off. Probably because he wasn't the one gathering poop remnants with toilet paper out of the bathtub while baby girl sat on the bath mat laughing like nothing ever happened. He thinks that the video will be a great blackmailing piece when she gets older...he said, 'we might even pull it out during her wedding slide show', haha. NO WAY DADDY, but I see that you might be onto something. haha. It was an experience to say the least. And it all started out with a couple of harmless toots. :)

That's just proof that horror stories that you always hear from 'other moms' could eventually happen to you....lesson learned. That's all for now. :)

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