Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well hello again, everyone. Here is the latest in crazy Kelly news. My best friend Elya and I have been talking recently about how we have wanted something physical to work towards so that maybe we would get our butts in gear and start getting healthier. She honestly doesn't have any reason or need to get healthier, it's really more like she gets super bored at the gym doing the same things over and over and is tired of it. So, per our discussion, we turned to the idea of participating in a marathon that is going on here in A-town on Oct. 30th. Turns out there is a 4 person relay option that allows you to run the marathon as a team. The first runner runs 5 miles, the second 6 miles, the third 7 miles, and the fourth finishes it out with 8 miles. This all came together rather quickly as we asked our husbands if they were in with us on this deal and they both agreed that it would be a good, healthy fun. So, as of yesterday, we are officially all paid up and registered to help the cause in Abilene's Marathoning for Miracles. It benefits the Children's Miracle Network and one of the local children's hospitals here in town. Since we only have a short 8 1/2 weeks to train, I have been feverishly searching for a jogging stroller that works well and is cheaper than $300. I may have a lead on one from Craig's List, so we shall see. Besides that, we have just been enjoying our time here at home and I occasionally get some stuff done around the house, but not that often. haha. Anyways, if you are interested or know anybody that might be interested in participating or would just like to check out what there is to see about the marathon, go to this website: . Please feel free to keep me accountable on my training by asking me questions or badgering me on occasion...I need it! :)

P.S. Did I mention that I have NEVER been a successful long distance runner, well except for during my 11 years of soccer playing, but seriously, I have never been able to run for long before getting ridiculously winded and ready to quit. This should make for a very interesting experience. Wish me luck and diligence! :)

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Kasey Gonzales said...

That sounds really awesome! Signing up for races always helps motivate me to be more consistent with my working out. I'm sure you'll do great! Adrian and I actually ran a marathon on our honeymoon (slowly), so if you can't find two other people I could run a leg - but i know you don't know me so that might be kind of random! =)