Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heaven Awaits Me...

I'm not talking about the Heaven we all know exists above, but the heaven that I am taken to when a professionally trained & strong set of hands set themselves to rubbing out & readjusting every muscle in my body. And that's what I get to enjoy after work tomorrow evening. I finally made myself a much-needed and desperately deserved (haha) massage appointment & I CANNOT wait for 6:00 tomorrow to roll around. This will of course be my first prenatal massage, so I'm a little interested to see how the methods & techniques will be different from the traditional deep tissue ones that I love so much. Either way, it's going to be 90 minutes of pure bliss. YAY!

I just laughed at myself because I looked down & saw a mosquito (not cool!) trying to 'get me' through my shirt. So, I lightly smacked my belly to kill the darned thing (and missed it unfortunately). I guess that was one of the first of millions of times I'm going to 'swat away' anything that tries to 'get' my little Kenady. My motherly instincts have set in, ya'll. :) Ha.

p.s. I just KILLED the stupid mosquito...Mother prevails! :)

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clw said...

Enjoy your massage! Sounds wonderful!