Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch out for Bullets!

I thought this bullet post would be fitting for tonight to catch you up on what's happenin' in our world lately:

* I bought a ticket for my hubby to come & see me in Texas upon his return to the States & if all goes well & as planned, he should be back in my arms in just a short 29 days from now! Woo-hoo! :) <-- Happy Wife!
* I have my next baby belly appointment on Sept. 4th which is coming up soon! Yay! (I only wish they did another ultrasound so I could see my sweet girl again...:( she's so pretty. )
* My time lately has been filled with 4-hour work spurts & memory book updates. I'm really trying my best to get a hold & control of all that is going on in our lives & man is it tough to keep up! Hah.
* My most recent project to tackle has been our 2-year overdue Wedding Album...IT WILL BE FINISHED BEFORE CHAD GETS HOME...(or at least that's what I'm telling myself :)).
* We are planning on going to a USC Gamecock football game the first weekend in October & hubs is SOOO stoked about it. I've been searching for a maternity Gamecock shirt that I like, but I'm having trouble finding one. Maybe I'll just have to get creative & make one happen on my own! I love that football season has already kicked off again! The fall is fabulous.
* I have officially decided to commit myself to the nearest addiction house to receive help overcoming my habits to eat at Rosa's 3+ times a week. Chad has pointed out to me (from evidence left on our debit card statement) that I may have issues...but I really think it's just him being homesick for some homemade tortillas & yummy frijoles! Ha. If Kenady comes out looking even a slight bit of Mexican, I know exactly what to blame. :)
* I finally figured out by doing a simple Google search last night how to successfully delete 'cookies' off of my computer & like magic, the system works so much faster! It's awesome!
* I am guilty of jumping the gun & getting online to search housing in A-town already, even though we haven't completely received our full & definite orders from there just yet. Haha. But, it's so fun to look! :) Can we tell how excited we are to get back to Tejas, the land of everything wonderful?!
* I have a new great-nephew that is due to pop out of his momma & into this world verrrry soon. He's due Sept. 3rd, but I don't know if he will wait that long. I can't wait to meet little Sutton! :)
* I'm considering doing a super-cute and colorful Beach-themed room for little Kenady. I have some really cute and fun ideas, but may need to make some bedding myself. I guess I should probably get on that while I'm here with my quasi-seamstress of a mommy & her lean, mean sewing machine.
* Hubs is stuck in Africa for another 5 or 6 days where the communication is shotty & calls come rather sparingly & I don't like it. (insert pout face here)
* I can't believe that baby-countdowner to my right is sitting at less that 90 days now. CRAZY, but so extremely exciting! :)

I guess that's all of my ramblish (rambling & gibberish mixed) for now. I hope everyone is having a fantabulous week thus far! :)

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The Kopers said...

My mom and I made Steven's bedding when I was preggo with him. I love it! I couldn't find just what I wanted, so making it was perfect. I will use it again for Jack when we get settled (and he gets to sleep in a real crib, finally!)- I didn't even want anything new for him because I love our hand-made stuff so much!
And Rosa's!! I've been missing me some of their fresh tortillas! Maybe we'll have to get some Rosa's together some time :-)