Friday, July 17, 2009

A Phi Lamb Stroll...

I thought I would add to Shaunna's collection of fun and old pictures of our Phi Lamb group of 2004 & 2005. I had so much fun with you girls! Here are the pics to prove it! :)

Rush & Initiation 2004...I think.

The Officers in their spiffy black & white
Fall Retreat in Buffalo Gap, Texas

The coolest shoulder rub line ever...
Silly girls...those go UNDER your clothes... :)

Me & Cass at Cheddar's
Phi Lamb Stomp 2005
Homecoming 2005

Howard House Halloween Party 2005

Christmas Party @ Vanna Almond's house 2005

Well, that was fun! :)


Shaunna said...

Awww...Thanks for sharing your pics too, Kelly!! Some of my most fun college memories are from Phi Lamb!

PS-I looked forever for that pic of Laura and I with our sports bras on outside of our clothes....So glad you captured that silly moment too- Ha!

Laura said...

thanks for the sports bra picture. i couldn't believe shaunna didn't post it! :) fun times.