Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's up with us...

Well, it's official that I have, once again, fallen off of the blogging wagon. I haven't really felt like I had much to post, but I do think that I can at least afford you all a bullet post. So, here it is:

*Chad is set to deploy to Germany a couple days after Memorial Day. We plan to leave out of here to start our trek to Texas next Wednesday (I'm so excited to get back to my home roots!). Plus, on our way to Texas, we're picking up a hitch hiker named Cassandra in Arkansas! We're taking her with us to the old stomping grounds of SA-town. It's gonna be a super-fun weekend!

*We have so much to do before we head to TX. Some of which I wish we didn't have to mess with. Lots of laundry, cleaning, storage arrangement, mail forwarding, AC filter changing, oil changing for the truck, baby gift registering (yay), another potential trip to the beach this weekend, etc. etc. Oh yeah, and my all-time favorite thing...PACKING (for 3 months...ugh!).

*I'm currently making beef stroganoff for dinner. MMM.

*I haven't worked out or done anything truly aerobic in way too long. Nausea is not the greatest workout motivator. It has subsided slightly, but isn't quite gone just yet. Only 2 1/2 weeks more for the first trimester! Maybe it'll improve then!

*I can't believe Helen won The Biggest Loser last night! I was pretty shocked. Although she looks healthier than before, I thought she looked a little scary thin last night. But, the competition is over and more than likely, she'll put about 10 pounds back on safely. ha.

*The So You Think You Can Dance season starts next Thursday and I'm so excited! It's my favorite summer show.

*It's been 2 1/2 months since I got my hair done last. Everyone knows I go blonde with my color...therefore, you can all imagine the mess that is up on my head right now. I already made an appointment with sissy-in-law KK for when I get back home. She's a pro and I know I can trust her. I can't wait much longer to get this mess taken care of!

*I still haven't found a swimsuit that I can be happy with this summer. Although, I found the cutest OP neon board shorts at Wal-Mart of all places...and for only $12! I'm totally buying them. :)

*I need a tan.

I guess I'm out of bullets. They weren't very interesting I know, but I'm trying. Ha. Oh yeah! I'm so glad all of you mothers out there had such a good Mother's Day! :)


cassandra sagan webb said...

So you're leavin' Wed now? When ya gonna get here? :)

Shaunna said...

I found some cute OP tops at Wally world on sale for FIVE BUCKS!! I got one in every color! They're too cute- Gotta love a Wal-Mart bargain!

I need a tan too:[