Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well, Tuesday was an interesting morning for me. Chad had already taken off to work and I was then enjoying the entire queen size bed to myself; all comfy and sprawled out, sleeping like a baby. I could even hear the sound of raindrops hitting our bedroom windows, which just helped my sleep to be even deeper. When, all of a sudden, a crack of thunder banged so loudly that I thought my building had been hit directly by the strike. It was soooo loud that it woke me out of my comfortable slumber at an early 7:55am...ha. In response to the crack of lightning, I immediately hear our fire alarm go off in the condo with the most loud and obnoxious "ANGTT...ANGTT...ANGTT" you have ever heard.

I pop out of bed, throw some pj pants and a jacket on, grabbed my phone and purse, and headed out of the house. I looked around outside to see if there really was a fire anywhere in our building or somewhere nearby. Thankfully, there wasn't anything to be seen. So, I ran out into the pouring rain to the Tahoe in the parking lot and jumped in to wait and see what else would happen. Now, I know the inside of a vehicle in an open-air parking lot is not the safest place to be when in the middle of a huge thunderstorm, but the noise from the alarms was enough to make me want to shoot myself in the head if I had to hear it any longer. The even worse part was that it wasn't just the noise from MY condo, it was every fire alarm, inside and out, of our whole building. That is at least 40+ fire alarms ringing in unison. Wow. To give you an idea of the noise, I was in the Tahoe, which is conveniently parked at the very end of our parking lot (where no one else parks) so that it is safe from other crazy drivers and has plenty of room for itself. As I sat there in the car, I could still hear the I turned up the music. :)

About 12 minutes after I got to the car, the fire trucks pull up. They went to a different building first (I guess their alarms might have been hit too), then made it over to mine. They had to put their huge electric ladder thing on top of the 3rd story roof to have a fireman climb up there with a steel rod to disable the alarms (somehow). I still to this point don't know what exactly set them all off, but whatever. This finally happened after about 15 minutes of 4 fireman walking around the building trying to figure out how to turn them off. It was quite a funny thing to watch. All I really cared about was that the noise would go away and I could go back into my house to grab something to eat. Pregnant girl was hungry! :)

So, as much as I hate the sound of the regular alarm clock doing its thing in the mornings, I absolutely prefer it to the sound of the fire alarm! Lesson learned. :)

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