Saturday, April 4, 2009

Someone to 'show' to...

So, last night I had a slight surprise. Chad was away on a flight to Milwaukee, so I was home alone, awaiting his 10:00pm return. I went about my day...spent some time walking around the mall and going to all of the stores he never wants to go to with me. ha. Then I hit Blockbuster on the way home to get the next dvd in my Sex & the City experience. I thought that would hold me over pretty good til he got home. So, I'm home, in my sweats, and just ate dinner at about 7:30. As I put the dvd in, I realize that I had already finished season 2 (which is what I just got). So, I went BACK to Blockbuster and they were nice enough to let me just switch it out with no problem. As I get back from BB, I notice this car in the parking lot that had pulled in right as I was leaving. It was a really nice car and it had two women in it that looked as if they were lost.

Well, I saw them pull into a space and didn't think much of it. When I returned, I got up to my house, walked in, put the new dvd in and sat down to watch. Then my phone rings. It's my realtor, Julia. She says, I just noticed that someone wants to finally look at your house and they say they have been calling the number listed and haven't been able to get you. To which I replied, "well, I haven't had anybody call me". She then went on to say that it sounded like the wrong number was listed because they said they kept getting a male that had no idea what they were talking about and that she was calling to warn me they were coming by. And I said, "OH! ok, do you know when?". She said, "Well, right now I think." CUE THE DOORBELL.

So, I answer the door and sure enough, a real estate agent and a client were at my doorstep. I was shocked. I had just got done thinking that day about how tired I was of 'living clean' like we have been, just in case someone dropped by all of a sudden. So, needless to say, I had kind of let things 'go'. The sink was full of dinner dishes, our bed was unmade, toiletries were out, the couch was all cuddly, and I was in a HURRY. I asked the two ladies for just a couple of minutes to situate things since I didn't get an official warning that they were coming, so I shut the door and went to it. I think that was the FASTEST tidying job I have ever done! Things were slung under the bed, thrown into drawers, shut and shoved, and all of our dirty clothes got slammed into the dryer. Haha. About 6 minutes later, I opened the door, left so they would have privacy, and came back when they were done. Although they thought I left, I was really up on the stairs to the 3rd floor, talking to my mom on the phone about the craziness that just happened. I couldn't even catch my breath I was so adrenaline-rushed. Anyways, I heard them leaving and tried to hear what they were saying, but soon realized they were speaking a foreign language. Something like Korean, Chinese, of those maybe. Definitely something I would never be able to decipher, unfortunately. So, I came back into my home and sat down to continue my S&TC marathon. It was quite an interesting 20 minutes. Who woulda thought someone would come to see the house at 8:00pm on a Friday night?! Not me, but now I will! ha.

If nothing else, at least our house has been SHOWN to someone! That brings a little bit of relief that at least someone out there is looking for a home right now, haha. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed!

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