Friday, April 3, 2009

Sad day for Madge...

You may be wondering who Madge is. Well, she is our beloved GPS. Although she's almost 2 years old and is a little outdated, she is still a fabulous piece of technology. We keep her in our car at all times. She usually sleeps comfortably in her case, all cozy in the glove compartment. She was a gift from Chad's mom and dad for his birthday a couple years ago. We named her Madge because her brand is Magellan and she has a soothing, Madge-like voice. Well, Chad just called to inform me that someone broke into our car last night and rummaged through all of the books and stuff that were in the back seat and scattered it all about (inside the car thankfully). He knows that Madge is gone and also thinks a little cigarette lighter power converter thing we had was also taken. How frustrating!!

This isn't the first time we have had our vehicle be broken into here. The first time, Chad had accidentally left the door unlocked and he woke up to see it left wide open (by the burglar) and his 60 GB Ipod was gone. Although that was kind of his fault, it really wasn't. I feel super-duper vulnerable around here. How are we supposed to know that there are thieves lurking about to take things at any second you leave something slightly unsecure. It's no surprise that we don't live in the best part of town, but we do live in a really nice condo community. It makes me wonder if there are a couple of people who just linger around the parking lots at night to see who left their doors unlocked. Although, we aren't sure how they got in last night because Chad said when he pushed the unlock button, that the doors did unlock and he could hear it. Maybe the thief locked the doors after he was done, so we wouldn't be able to figure it out? Either way, I'm sooooooo annoyed and ready to move away from this place. Little things like these are the reasons I can't wait to get PCS orders to get out of here. UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!

Unfortunately, we only have liability insurance on the car and it wouldn't be monetarily worth it to file a police report and try to get reimbursed by our insurance. Also, I don't think we would have much of a 'case' because there were no signs of forced entry, leading everyone to believe the door was left unlocked (oops). I guess that's that.

R.I.P. Madge. We loved you and you always got us where we needed to go. If you want to stop working now that you are in foreign hands, feel free. Those jerky thieves deserve to have you keel over on them.

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cassandra sagan webb said...

This soooo sucks! Poor Madge! So your car was broken into in your own driveway!? GHETTO!!!