Thursday, January 8, 2009

Se habla espanol?

I have made it a priority to attempt learning the Spanish language while we are here in Arkansas. Chad has a good hookup through the AF that grants us access to any Rosetta Stone language programs that we choose. If I was completely crazy, I could possibly learn French, German, Chinese, Danish, true British English, or any of the other many to choose from. I don't think I'm quite that determined, but it's great to know they are always there and available for us though!

One might ask, why do you want to speak Spanish? And my answer would have to be this:
I took 4 years of Spanish in the 7th-10th grades. Learned the meanings of about 20 verbs, the months, how to count, & some simple conjugations. It is very depressing to think about how much time I really did put into learning the language back then, but how much the schooling system doesn't really care if you learn it or not. I made A's in all of my classes, but can't speak directly to a Spanish-only speaking person without feeling like an idiot. That's frustrating.

Also, Chad & I really hope to be able to raise our children in a bilingual atmosphere. It grows their brains even faster and Spanish is definitely going to be the number 2 (fighting number 1) most popularly used language in America in just a couple short years. My hopes are that we can prep our children for success when they enter school & into the real world. Bilinguists already make more money than unilingual (is that a word?) people, it's true. Plus, I just want to become more cultured to the fact that our world really is a small place. You never know when you might need to speak more Spanish than, "Donde esta el bano?". Ha.

You guys keep me accountable and make sure I'm staying up on my Spanish studies these next couple months. This is exciting! :)

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