Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay, so since my last post on here, I haven't even looked at the Spanish stuff. So much for discipling myself huh? I guess it's going to take more effort than is currently being put forth. I seriously need you guys to keep me in check!

I started today which makes me wanna...BLEGH! I took a super-duper nap earlier and was in SUCH a deep sleep. It was fabulous. I did it right after getting out of the shower with my towel still on my head and everything. My tummy hurt and a nap sounded appetizing. Sometimes your body just needs you to sleep, and I don't mind :).

I've been hanging in there with my workouts. I don't seem to have quite as much energy as I had to put forth last week, but I'm doing my best. And the rest of the ladies on the workout site are kicking butt too! It's awesome!

Tonight sparks the beginning of the American Idol season 8! Can you believe it's been going on for that long?! It's crazy! We are very excited!! Also, the Biggest Loser: Couples is on again too & we love that one too. We may be joining Cassandra in watching those tonight so that we can all ooh & ahh together. It should be fun.

Sorry this was a mish-mush of things. That's just how it is right now. :)

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cassandra sagan webb said...

I'm a loser. Sorry for crapping out. But unlike someone I know, I didn't get a nap today! ;)