Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Less Day...

Livin' life on a countdown. Seems like a silly and disrepectful thing to do, considering God blesses us with everyday that we are alive and some people aren't as lucky as we are. So you would think taking advantage of everyday as it is would be the thing to do. And I do, but sometimes I find myself taking advantage of my days and how slowly or quickly they pass by. I just CANNOT wait until Chad gets home. It's only about 3 weeks away, but it's now within our reach, which leads me to counting down the days. I'm not usually a big countdown kind of girl. Most of the time, I just don't think about it all and before I know it, a week and a half has flown by under my nose. We are just so excited for his return that we can't take it anymore. About 19 days and counting...Now onto Thursday!! :)

P.S. He just told me on the phone that he loves me more than donuts...only I would understand how special that is. Cute, haha.

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