Thursday, October 2, 2008


With the issue of Absentee Voting...

I'm shouting out to all of you who may (or may know somebody) that has had to absentee vote in the past. I'm not really sure what I need to do because I am in Texas (and will be during the election), but I'm a registered voter in North Carolina (from when the real estate commission made me change my residency...grrr, yes, I'm still bitter). I've searched a couple of sites online and haven't gotten very far or a clear answer just yet.

Anybody able to reach out and help a sista? Helpful websites, random knowledge of how this works, or personal experience will all do good things.

I have to vote...this election is huge & I am now in the military! :) haha.

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Anonymous said...

you need to call your local elections office and have them mail you an absentee voting card. I just had mine sent to Lubbock since I'm a registered voter in Tom Green County.