Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I have officially returned from one of the best weekends of my life. Yes, I'm this happy because we saw New Kids on the Block in concert just three days ago, and no, I still haven't come down off my high from it. I am not kidding when I say that that was the best concert I've ever been to. They even top N'Sync, of whom I was also in love with & saw in concert at one point. Although they're older now, I think that actually gave them a new edge on things. It was hot. And I still love Jordan Knight, lol. These are the days I regret ever getting rid of my NKOTB comforter, beach towels, buttons, & posters. I would still hang them if I had 'em. Seriously.

Not only was the concert awesome, but I was there with my four favorite girls by my side! It was a much needed weekend away where I was allowed to lose myself in fun & have no worries. Not only that, but I'll be leaving soon and that was a great 'last hoorah' with the chicks before I go home again. We had t-shirts made as you can see from my background and the other girls LOVED them. We even had offers to buy them off our backs. They were pretty pimp!

We spent the rest of the weekend in San Antonio, just hanging out, tearing up the town. We woke up & went shopping at the North Star of my faves...ate lunch there and tore up the stores. I didn't buy very much, knowing that I'm soon to be on a cruise and more than likely going to have big shopping eyes then, but it was fun looking anyways. That evening we got all dolled up and went to eat at P.F. Chang's...the best Japanese food in the world! We had a fabulous waiter who was good at his job and suggested a place for us to 'go out' to called Posh. It was a really cool upper-class bar that made me feel like I was in Orlando again. It was awesome, but we were only there about an hour before we decided to make our way to the riverwalk. We ended up where we always go which is Polly Esther' awesome dance club that plays three levels of music. One is 70's, one is 80's and one is 90's. We had SUCH a good time dancing. We were sweating up a storm and so happy to be there all together. It got crazy, but in an awesomely fun way!

Sunday finally rolled around and we got to make a trip to a little town called Martindale, right outside of San Marcos to see my nephew, his wife, and their baby, Reid, of whom I'm a great-aunt too. Kinda crazy. But, anyways, we got to their house and spent a good couple of hours sitting and talking to them, while playing with little Reid of course! He's gotten so big since I've seen him last, which I believe was at Christmas. WAY too long ago anyways! He's now 18 months and a ham, no doubt! We had a great time visiting with them and then eventually headed home. When we got home, my mom had made us all a birthday feast for herself and we ate, had pie, and gave her presents. Which then concluded the most fabulous weekend since I got married! haha.

Now, all I have to do is focus all of my efforts on getting packed and organizing my mess here. Tomorrow I change Chad's flight to get here on either Friday or Saturday...we don't know which one yet. But it's very exciting! Only a couple more days!! (Thank GOD!) I guess that's it for now!

Here's a couple little clips from the concert! :)

This one is hilarious because you can hear us singing along & my sis is FREAKING out! I think she even shed a tear like those crazed fans you see on tv. Lol. It was awesome!


cassandra sagan webb said...

lol, you are so silly!! I'm glad you had a fabulous weekend! You deserved it! :)

Only a few more days!!!!

Shaunna said...

How Fun!!

Nicole Renee said...

I'm still freakin' out about how hot they were! It's AMAZING that any 38 year old could be THAT HOTTTTT!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!