Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*Bleeping* Air Force...

As you can imagine, the *bleep* above represents just another thing that the Air Force does that oh-so-pisses me off.

Here is life in a dreamy world when everything (including yours truly) was good & happy:
Chad usually returns on what they call the 'rotator' (which is a commercial style plane that brings many troops home in comfort & all at once) when they come back from overseas. This was the plan for next Monday, the 20th. Yay! That's only 6 days from now! He would then stay in Fay. where he would go to work the next day, and then fly to Texas to see me on the 22nd. We would spend about 5 days (including a non-working weekend) with my family before we head to Houston for our 5 day cruise, head back here to SA-town for a day or two, then hit the road towards South Carolina where we have to be on Thursday the 6th for a USC reunion thingy Chad really wanted to be a part of. Then we spend that next 4 days or so with his family, eventually returning to Fay. to return to work and FINALLY be in our own HOME again.

Today: "Hahahaha" says the AF. "You just thought you had it all nice and planned out."

Reality (as described to me earlier today):
As usual, the AF has changed its days & really screwed up our above-said plans. Now, they're not leaving until the 22nd out of where they are, potentially getting him home on the 23rd, and finally getting him here to TX on the 24th (after a changed flight & mess that I have to fix, because of the AF). Now, we have very little time to spend with my family; like maybe a day or two after our cruise (while my whole family is at work those days). *insert sarcasm* AWESOME...

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal to all of you probably because:
1. We've already been apart for 4 months, what's another 3 days...
2. We both know this is how the AF works. We should be used to it by now & we both CHOSE to accept this lifestyle a long time ago...
3. He's still not missing our cruise (or so we think, as of right now) which would have been the most annoying & wasteful issue.
(there's probably more, but whatever)

And I've kind of had a poopy attitude about it today, and this may be why. I don't know if it's the high-riding emotions that I'm carrying with me because he IS about to return & I'm so happy about it, or what, but I just can't wait to have him home. And it feels almost like it's never gonna happen. I know it will, but just acknowledge my over-dramatic-ness for a second. I haven't started my period yet and I think that's another reason I'm highly emotional. I'm late & I think it hasn't come because of my back problem. Which is a whole 'nother frustrating ordeal. It's been almost 2 full months since I hurt myself and I'm still having pain. I asked the doc the other day if that could be why I haven't started and he affirmed that it is a likely cause. Not to mention, I would LOVE to get that crap (...being my period) over with before my husband returns from a 4 month absence. Seriously ladies, I know you're feeling me here! My family and friends are all hyped about his return and I just want so badly to be able to spend good, quality time with all of them with my husband by my side (for the first time in a long time). I'm tired of being alone (only one without a hubby) when we're all together. It's frustrating. Anyways, enough of my ranting and raving. This is pretty much just a paragraph of emotional throw-up, but that's how I feel right now.

So, long story, short...I am temporarily hating the AF & keeping empty hopes that the plan returns back to normal. And if it doesn't, we'll just deal with it as we always do. But in the meantime, I'm pissed. (Did I mention I don't like the AF?) Okay, end of story.


cassandra sagan webb said...

Aww, Kelly. I am so sorry. I feel your pain. We have a friend in an emergency situation right now concerning her baby and the stupid AF STILL hasn't flown her husband home. I think I called the AF "assholes" earlier this morning. Funny we're on the same page!

He will make it home. And you know everything will be fine, just as it always is. I know how frustrating even one more day is, though. Hang in there, girl. He'll be in your arms soon.

I really hope you can go on your cruise!! Keep us updated.

P.S. You know all you need is each other, right? If plans falter...does it really matter? Hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry kell! that really does suck. at least this weekend will keep your mind somewhat occupied. and don't feel bad, I don't have a hubby, so we're kinda in it together...sort of. And this weekend will be a girl's weekend, so there won't be any hubbies. kyla and i will be there tomorrow night. can't wait to see ya! hang in there and i love you!